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    Crypto Expert Forecasts Crypto Resurgence in Pivotal 2024

    Deutscher predicts 2024's biggest airdrop wave, signaling a fresh start for crypto enthusiasts with LayerZero, zkSync, and Manta.

    5 Instances of Cryptocurrency in Pop Culture during 2023 - Even in the wake of a downturn in the crypto market, digital assets managed to find their way into various aspects of pop culture, ranging from balloons in a Thanksgiving Day Parade to featuring in an entire episode of Futurama.

    Orbit Bridge hack pushes December crypto theft to nearly $100M - On New Year's Eve, hackers managed to exploit the Orbit Bridge and stole a total of $81.5 million.

    Former US President Donald Trump Sells $2.4 Million Worth of ETH - Crypto wallets associated with former US President Donald Trump have sold 1,075 ETH for $2.4 million.

    Thunder Terminal Hacked for 86.5 ETH, Hacker Even Ask for More Money - Thunder Terminal confirmed on Twitter that 114 wallets were affected but funds are safe.

    Trader Gains 482,200% By Holding Memecoin on Avalanche - A trader turned $454 into $2.19 million within two weeks by holding a memecoin on the Avalanche system.

    Will Crypto Mixers be Able to Adapt and Survive the Prosecution of US Authorities? - Cryptocurrency mixers are confronted with a dilemma: whether to prioritize financial privacy and freedom or to adopt stricter compliance measures in order to avoid scrutiny from the United States.

    Venture Builder and Charity Join Forces to Transform Charitable Giving in the Web3 Era - Repeatedly, the cryptocurrency community has united to provide support for those impacted by natural disasters and global crises.

    Is this the Tether Killer? How a True Stablecoin Could Revolutionize Banking and Cryptocurrency - Attorney Daniel Wheeler argues that a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar and backed solely by cash in a bank could facilitate the expansion of the money supply without inducing inflation and enhance the banking sector.