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    Stablecoins Account For Nearly 15% Of the Total Crypto Market Value

    Currently, the crypto market is worth roughly $1.15 trillion, and stablecoins represent 13.8% of that total.

    The Crypto Market Could Fall Sharply in the Next Few Days

    An analyst had a close track of the market and predicted a significant retracement for Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins, which will drive the total crypto market cap to sink below the $1 trillion level.

    DOGE Market Cap Drops Over $6 Billion as Price Lost 30% in May

    DOGE was one of the hardest-hit cryptos during the market crash in May, pushing a massive drop in its capitalization.

    Mastercard Allows Purchasing NFTs Without Cryptos

    Mastercard has corporated with Immutable X and other platforms to allow cardholders to purchase NFTs easier and safer by using fiat.

    Ocean Protocol, Helium and Chainlink Gets Strong Growth Amid Bear Market - Amid crypto bear market, these 3 tokens still have impressive growth.

    Optimism Hacker Returns Stolen Tokens, OP Shows Slight Recovery - 20 million OP tokens were stolen by a hacker last week after an administrative error.

    Bitcoin Dominance Rate (BTCD) Continues to Increase, Hits a New Yearly High

    Bitcoin Dominance Rate (BTCD) has been increasing after forming a bullish pattern in January 2022.

    Cardano Is the Most Reliable Investment in the Bear Market

    Amid the crypto winter, Cardano is showing many great potentials for investors to stake on.

    Anchor Dev Revealed Truth Behind Terra Collapse - As revealed by an Anchor dev, Terra arbitrarily changed the UST interest rate from 3.6% to 20% right before launch to attract investors.

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