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    An Obscure Cryptocurrency suddenly Rocket in Price due to New Covid 19 Variant Expose

    When a new coronavirus variant called Omicron sends the crypto market into meltdown, the price of a tiny coin with the same name is surprisingly soaring.

    Shiba Inu gains 1 million users: What will be Next?

    By hitting 1 million users, the phenomenon meme coin Shiba Inu has once again rocked the crypto community with its remarkable achievement.

    Bitcoin Price Tumbles after the Discovery of New Coronavirus Variant

    Friday witnessed Bitcoin price retreat 20% from record highs in November after a new coronavirus variant shakes the market.

    “NFT” Beating “Metaverse” to Become 2021 Word of the Year

    Strike all hottest trending keys like "cheugy," "metaverse," and "pingdemic.", "NFT" is called Collins Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2021.

    Mercado Libre Approves Cryptocurrency Transactions - According to Mercado Pago Vice President Tulio Oliveira, Mercado Libre customers in Brazil can buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies through their digital wallets.

    Normal Debit Card vs Crypto Debit Card – What is the difference?

    What advantages does a crypto debit card have that a regular debit card doesn't?

    Top 20 Most Viewed Metaverse Projects on CoinMarketCap (Past Week) - Which of these projects do you invest in?

    Games Coins, Defi Tokens, Metaverse Assets Rise Above Market Downturn - A slew of blockchain games coins, defi tokens and metaverse assets have seen double-digit gains during the last 24 hours.

    5 Cheap Cryptocurrencies You Can Invest Now

    If you want to invest in some crypto, here are 5 cheap options to be considered.

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