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    What is Floki? Everything You Need to Know About Memecoin FLOKI - Floki is often known as a memecoin but more than that, it is a large ecosystem with many features such as gaming, NFT, education, and more.

    LS TRADE Overview – Predict-to-Earn Trading Platform

    LS TRADE is a decentralized Futures Battle (Predict Price Move) trading platform that allows investors to make profit by simply predicting the future movement of asset prices in a simple, transparent and decentralized manner.

    CyberConnect – SocialFi Project Backed By Binance Labs - CyberConnect will launch its public sale on Coinlist on May 18, 2023.

    Overview of Sui Blockchain and SUI Token - With outstanding features and advantages, Sui has attracted much attention of the crypto community.

    zkSync – Layer-2 Solution Which Has Big Potential As Arbitrum - zkSync has attracted huge amounts of capital up to $458 million from many investment funds.

    Space ID and ID Token – Things Need to Know - Space ID is the 30th project to be hosted on Binance Launchpad.

    ZetaChain (ZETA) – Blockchain Connects All Blockchain in Crypto Space - ZetaChain is seen as a solution that helps multiple blockchains to connect and interact with each other.

    Lyra Finance: A Complete Guide - Lyra Finance is a decentralized options protocol that uses Automated Market Maker (AMM) mechanism to provide liquidity and price options for trading.

    Overview of Linea – zkEVM developed by ConsenSys - Linea is a potential project that can compete with other zkEVM solutions such as zkSync or Polygon zkEVM.