FTX Hacker Swaps Large Amount of Stolen ETH to BTC - On Sunday, the hacker converted 50K stolen Ethereum (ETH) to Bitcoin (BTC).

    Twitter Closes Offices As Employees Give Mass Resignation - Elon Musk was afraid that Twitter employees would try to sabotage the company so he closed offices and cut badge access until Monday.

    Despite Market Turbulence, MATIC Price Pumps 175% from June Bottom

    Polygon (MATIC) price is trading above the long-term horizontal support area at $0.80. However, the lack of conviction from the price action and the RSI show unclear future movements.

    Who Sold The Most BTC After FTX Collapse?

    The quick collapse of one of the largest crypto exchanges has impacted significantly on investors’ sentiment. As confidence is shaken, and selling pressure is strong, who are the biggest sellers right now, long-term or short-term Bitcoin holders?

    China Becomes Silent Crypto Whale As It Holds Large Amounts of Bitcoin and Ethereum - Despite its ban on cryptocurrencies, China has unknowingly become a silent crypto whale and can even drag the crypto market down in seconds if it wants to.

    Genesis Seeks Emergency Loan of $1 Billion Before Blocking Withdrawals - Genesis Trading, a well-known crypto lending platform, is said to have attempted to raise more cash before it suspended withdrawals.

    FTX Hacker Becomes 34th Biggest ETH Whale in the World - The FTX hacker on Nov 12 continued to convert stolen tokens to Ethereum (ETH).

    Genesis Trading and Gemini Earn Suspends Withdrawals Due to FTX Collapse - Genesis Trading and Gemini Earn are the two latest names to announce the suspension of withdrawals due to negative impacts of the FTX crash.

    SRM Gains Over 100% After Emergency Fork In Response to FTX Hack - Serum (SRM) suddenly revived thanks to the solidarity of project’s backers in response to the recent hack of FTX exchange.