Uniswap V3 Officially Launches On BNB Chain

    Decentralized exchange Uniswap v3 is now operational on BNB Chain, one of the world's most active blockchains in daily volume.

    ChatGPT Maker OpenAI Launches GPT-4, Sending AI Tokens to Skyrocket - Many AI projects in the crypto space are gaining benefits from the success of ChatGPT.

    Binance Stops Zero-Free Bitcoin Trading, Except for Pairs with TUSD

    Binance stops offering BTC trading fees but still applys to BTC/TUSD. This move pushed the TRU price up nearly 20% within an hour.

    MetaMask Launches New Features To Enhance Users’ Privacy

    MetaMask has just announced a few essential changes in its latest update, highlighting new features aimed at enhancing privacy and giving users more control.

    Ethereum Burned 3 Million ETH Thanks to EIP-1559 - Ethereum set a new milestone with 3 million ETH burned after 1.5 years of implementing EIP-1559.

    Bitcoin Hits New 2023 High, Up 35% in 4 Days - The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has made a spectacular comeback after a series of bad news last week.

    Liquity Coin (LQTY) and Things To Know About Liquity Protocol - Liquity is protocol that allows users to borrow crypto money without paying an interest rate on the ETH collateral.

    3 Predictions for Crypto Market After Collapse of SilverGate and Silicon Valley Bank - 3 predictions for the crypto market in the future after SilverGate and Silicon Valley Bank collapsed.

    Binance CEO Converts $1B BUSD to BTC, ETH and BNB - $1 billion Industry Recovery Initiative fund will be used to support crypto projects that are struggling with liquidity issues due to the FTX collapse.