Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Sued for Promoting Binance - Football star Cristiano Ronaldo is facing a class action lawsuit alleging that his promotion of crypto exchange Binance led to investor losses.

    Holdstation – Project That Can Pave Ways for New WalletFi Trend - Holdstation is a self-custodial wallet driven by Account Abstraction that aims to improve user experience and security.

    Bitcoin Investment Products Garner $1.5 Billion in Inflows This Year - Bitcoin exchange-traded products (ETPs) experienced a significant surge of $312 million in the week concluding on November 24th.

    What’s Next for Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao? - According to the sentencing guidelines set by the United States, CZ could potentially face a sentence of 12 to 18 months. However, the Department of Justice is prepared to advocate for a lengthier term.

    Understanding Sniper Bots: How to Prevent Token Sniping Exploits? - Have you ever participated in an auction, only to experience being outbid at the final moment by an unfamiliar user? It is highly likely that you were sniped, not by a physical firearm, but rather by an automated software program commonly referred to as a bot.

    New Promo Lawsuits Name FTX Users, Mercedes F1 Team, and MLB - The collective of FTX users is directing its focus towards the Mercedes Formula One team and Major League Baseball, accusing them of aiding FTX in perpetrating fraudulent activities through their promotion of the crypto exchange on their respective platforms.

    Answered: Top 5 Crypto Tax Questions - Tax experts provide insights on the perspective of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regarding profits from cryptocurrency trading, gifting of cryptocurrencies, mining rewards, and other related matters.

    New Research Shows Fed Likely to be the Most Dovish Central Bank in 2024 - Traders anticipate that the Federal Reserve will reduce interest rates by 100 basis points in the upcoming year. This move is expected to result in the depreciation of the US dollar and encourage investors to take on more risks in both cryptocurrency and traditional markets.

    Tornado Cash Token Drops 57% After Binance Announces Delisting - After Binance announced it was delisting Tornado Cash’s TORN, this token lost 57% of its value.