Over $1 Billion in Value Lost in AI-Centric Crypto Market in 90 Days

    Around 90 days ago, the market value of 74 digital currencies driven by AI was more than $4 billion. However, in the intervening period, the market has suffered a loss of over $1 billion in value.

    FLOKI Price Surges After Being Featured on Chinese TV Channel - Memecoin FLOKI has seen impressive growth after being featured on CCTV-5, the main sports TV channel in China.

    Exploring the Use of NFTs in Fashion and Wearables

    The fashion industry is increasingly utilizing NFTs alongside virtual technology to improve user experiences.

    Binance Kicks off Shifting to New Platform in Japan

    Binance has begun the process of establishing a new and fully regulated subsidiary in Japan after five years of absence from the Japanese market.

    Stablecoin Market Cap Drops Due to Reduced Trading Volume

    Defillama reports that the current market capitalization of stablecoins stands at $129 billion, which is a decrease from the May 2022 figure of over $186 billion, when Terra UST depegged. Stablecoins Experience 14 Consecutive Months of Decline According to CCData, the market capitalization of the stablecoin industry is currently at its...

    Top 5 Altcoins with the Best Performance in the Crypto Market This Week

    These are the top five altcoins that experienced the highest increase in the crypto market, specifically between May 19 and 26.

    Stably Launches First BRC-20 Stablecoin on Bitcoin Network - #USD is the first stablecoin launched in accordance with the BitFi technology - DeFi for Bitcoin blockchain.

    Circle Launches Euro-based Stablecoin on Avalanche Network

    Circle has introduced its Euro Coin (EUROC) stablecoin on the Avalanche Network, and it has already gained support from several dApp ecosystems.

    Crypto Fintech Startup Forced to Shut Down Due to Lack of Investor Support

    This month, Unbanked is one of several crypto companies to shut down, including BottlePay, HotBit, Teressa, and the most recent one, TradeBlock.