What is Raft? Emerging LSDfi Protocol Invested by Jump Crypto - Raft is an emerging project in the LSDfi ecosystem backed by famous investment funds such as Jump Crypto, Wintermute, Lemniscap, etc.

    Which is The Most Profitable Meme Coin?

    The crypto industry has seen many new assets emerge. Dogecoin started as a joke but became extremely popular. Shiba Inu [SHIB] followed a similar path, making early investors very wealthy. In contrast, PEPE aimed to stand out by avoiding the dog theme.

    Record-breaking Transaction Fee of $510,000 Caused by Bitcoin User’s Costly Mistake

    According to data recorded on the blockchain, a Bitcoin user paid an astonishing 19 BTC, equivalent to approximately $510,000, in transaction fees for transferring a meager 0.074 BTC, valued at less than $2,000, on September 10th.

    Is 2023 The Year that Cross-chain Interoperability Truly Becomes a Reality?

    Executives affirm that the flourishing of the industry hinges on the urgent need for blockchains to achieve interoperability. Brace yourself for a wave of groundbreaking innovations set to propel the ecosystem towards this pivotal milestone.

    Bitcoin Trader Pays Over $500,000 in Fees for a Single Transaction - A Bitcoin transaction costs more than $500,000 (equivalent to 19 BTC) in fees.

    Look Back Crypto Market (Week of Sep 4-10) - Look at the most important moves and news in crypto over the last week.

    IDO/ICO Calendar – September 2023 - Find out potential IDO/ICOs that are gonna be launched in September 2023.

    ETH Whale Lost More Than $24 Million in Phishing Attack - An ETH whale lost over $24 million worth of stETH and rETH to phishing scammers.

    How Bitcoin Liquidation Map Exposes Today’s Trading Plans of Top Traders?

    The Liquidation Map helps identify highly anticipated price zones and reveal most traders' trading plans, specifically for short-term traders.