Alethea AI and Potential of ALI As AI Becomes New Crypto Trend - What is Alethea AI and what makes it stand out? Let’s find out.

    Althea AI is a decentralized protocol which enables the creation of interactive and intelligent NFTs (iNFTs). This protocol uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to create CharacterGPTs.

    Highlights of Alethea AI


    iNFT is a unique AI-powered digital item that has its own personality and blockchain-managed ownership. The concept of iNFT was originated and invented by Arif Khan, CEO of Alethea AI. It was first presented through Andrew Steinwold’s Zima Red Newsletter published on April 6, 2021.

    iNFT stands for intelligent Non-Fungible Token. In essence, iNFTs bring to life the underlying unique digital item of its NFT by using the generative powers of artificial intelligence.

    iNFTs have three parts:

    Body (ERC 721 that shows the image/PFP) 

    Soul (A Pod with Different Intelligence Levels) 

    Mind (As the Soul Matures in Intelligence Levels, the Mind is capable of Performing Higher Order Services that can be offered on the Alethea AI Network)

    iNFT protocol

    iNFT protocol refers to a set of smart contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows anyone to create a iNFT in a special way. Any NFT can be turned into iNFT via the iNFT protocol. This is achieved by combining the NFT with another ERC-721 asset called Personality Pod. Once the NFT is fused with a Personality Pod, it gains its own unique intelligence and personality. This is because the Personality Pool consists of the various on-chain Personality Traits that form the personality of the iNFT and so, determine the intelligence of the iNFT.

    This means the iNFT Protocol is designed with a non-custodial framework. Such an architecture allows users to turn their NFTs into iNFTs without the protocol requiring custody or applying other changes to the underlying NFT. As a result, users can use their NFTs outside of the iNFT Protocol and reduce the risk of losing valuable NFTs due to bugs or attacks on iNFT Protocol’s smart contracts.

    AI services

    Artificial Liquid Intelligence engine powering the Apple Ark Intelligent Metaverse will provide various off-chain AI services to iNFTs with different Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) levels. The computations required to run advanced and powerful AI Models that can provide enhanced AI Services indicate that such models cannot be scaled and run efficiently by the architectures and blockchains of Web 3.0. AI Services provided to iNFTs depending on their ALI Level. With each new ALI Level, new AI Services will be unlocked. iNFTs may choose to use these AI Services for personal or commercial purposes.


    Noah’s Ark marketplace aims to enable a better user experience, ease of discovery, and more contextual information about the tokenized assets in Noah’s Ark.

    There are now 5 main types of digital assets that can be bought or sold on the market: iNFTs, Media, Personality Pods, Portals, Bundles.

    Operation model

    Alethea is a protocol that enables the creation of intelligent and interactive NFTs powered by GPT-3. With advanced OpenAI’s engine, it creates intelligent NFTs and sets the standard for iNFTs, enabling interaction and access through the Alethea AI’s community. The project is also building a scalable AI infrastructure for NFTs and creating more animated, interactive and intelligent iNFTs, bridging Alethea AI to metaverse.

    ALI token

    Token specs

    • Token Name: Alethea AI token
    • Ticker: ALI 
    • Blockchain: Ethereum
    • Token Standard: ERC20 
    • Contract: 0x6b0b3a982b4634ac68dd83a4dbf02311ce324181
    • Token Type: Utility
    • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 ALI 
    • Circulating Supply: 3,588,163,659 ALI

    Token allocation

    • Ecosystem Development: 27%
    • Team and Advisor: 20%
    • Private Sale: 20%
    • Token Distribution Auction: 15%
    • Marketing: 10%
    • Treasury: 5%
    • Strategic Sale: 3%

    Use cases

    • Create iNFTs
    • Upgrade iNFTs’ Intelligence Levels
    • Governance of the iNFT ecosystem
    • Trade in the iNFT ecosystem
    • Enable the iNFT protocol and applications to utilize growth hack mechanisms and other token based innovations
    • Enable collaboration between the iNFT’s

    Development team

    Not much information about ALI’s team has been revealed. The team consists of engineers, scientists and community builders.

    Investors and partners

    Alethea AI raised $16 million in a private sale round. Top VCs participating in this round include: Metapurse, Capital, Multicoin, Alameda, Mark Cuban, Bitkraft, Dapper Labs, etc.

    In conclusion

    As AI becomes more popular in the crypto space, Alethea AI showed great potential that provides cutting-edge technologies to create intelligent iNFTs. iNFT is a new concept introduced by Alethea AI, enabling NFTs to be intelligent and interact with each other and with users. This opens the door to a wide range of apps in many fields, including education, media, entertainment and e-commerce.

    Alethea AI project has also received investment from major investors like Mark Cuban and maybe Wintermute. That proved ALI is a promising project and has significant growth potential in the future.

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