Axie Infinity – Guides for Beginners

    Axie Infinity is one of the most popular blockchain games out there that allows players to earn rewards in the form of crypto tokens, which can then be exchanged for real money.

    Basically, Axie Infinity is like an online Pokemon game but you can make real money from it if you know what you are doing.

    Axie Infinity Overview

    Axie Infinity was developed by Vietnamese gaming startup Sky Mavis. This game was inspired by the classic Pokemon series where players collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called Axies. Axies are one of the only types of NFTs that can make you money beyond simple price speculation.

    The game itself is a hybrid of card-based battle systems and turn-based combat, where each Axie has their own unique abilities. Like Pokemon, Axies can be categorized into many types, specifically 9 types in the world of Axie Infinity.

    At the end of each match, the player earns SLP (Small Love Potion), which acts as the game’s experience points. Using SLPs, which are ERC 20 tokens, players can then breed their Axies to create more, and can choose to either use them for future battles or sell them for profit on the marketplace.

    Players will need at least three Axies at any given time to initiate a battle with either other players online, or with NPC characters. New players need to buy Axies from the marketplace in order to start playing the game.

    Axie Infinity is designed to provide a fun, accessible and educational way to learn about blockchain technology. Axie Infinity is now a prominent on-ramp to the blockchain industry in many developing countries.

    How does it work?

    Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that rewards players. There are animated characters called Axies, which players treat as pets. PVP battles, as well as breeding Axies, selling them on the Marketplace, and collecting rare Axies, are all great ways to earn. Smooth Love Potions are required to breed Axies. SLPs, just like all other cryptocurrencies, are highly volatile.

    AXS tokens can be earned by playing the game. This results in a Ready Player One-style quest in which players can gain access to a part of the universe. Players are rewarded for their talent and effort rather than their winnings.

    Since the Axies themselves are a currency, players can breed creatures and trade or sell them, either for other crypto or real-world money. As a result, many gamers have turned it into a second job, using their in-game tokens to fund their rent and other expenses.

    What is a scholarship?

    The Axie community has grown in response to the game’s success. As a result, the Axie Infinity scholarship was established. This is a program in which people who don’t have the time or skill to play a game delegate the duty to scholars. It’s essentially the same as forming a business partnership. Owners invest the initial capital, while players invest their time in the game. Whatever profits they make from the game are divided according to a predetermined ratio.

    How to earn money in Axie Infinity?

    There are a few ways you can earn from Axie Infinity:

    • Farming SLP and selling them for real money
    • Breeding and selling Axies
    • Starting your own scholarship
    • Investing in Lunacia Land
    • Trading SLP and AXS

    Most players are earning in Axie Infinity by farming Smooth Love Potion (SLP). SLP is important in the Axie ecosystem. It is high in demand because they are required to breed new Axies. SLPs can also be traded or sold on exchanges according to the current market price of SLP.

    Currently, there are three ways to earn SLP in Axie Infinity:

    • Battle monsters in Adventure Mode (PvE)
    • Battle other players in the Arena (PvP)
    • Complete daily quests by checking in once a day and completing tasks

    How to start playing Axie Infinity?

    Step 1: Buy Ethereum (ETH)

    First, you need some Ethereum to buy Axies. You can get it from cryptocurrency exchanges offering Ethereum such as Huobi, Coinbase, and Binance.

    Set up an account with the preferred exchange and verify your identity. You will need to provide your address, identification number and a photo of your driver’s license or passport.

    Once your account is verified, you can fund your account with fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency supported by the exchange.

    Look for a trading pair with Ethereum and the asset you funded the account with and complete your order. 

    Step 2: Send ETH to MetaMask

    Next, you will need a MetaMask wallet to interact with the Axie Infinity marketplace. MetaMask is available on iOS, Android and as a browser extension on Google Chrome. 

    Step 3: Send ETH to Ronin

    The Ronin Wallet was built by Sky Mavis to speed up transactions and reduce fees for Axie Infinity. Ensure you download the Ronin Wallet from Sky Mavis’s official website as there are many fake wallets floating around. Once you have it installed, go to the Ronin-to-Ethereum bridge and connect your MetaMask wallet. Enter your Ronin address and the amount of ETH you want to send and complete the deposit. 

    Step 4: Buy Axies from the marketplace

    Head over to the marketplace and look for three Axies. You will need to consider the number of times the Axie has been bred and its purity. You will also need to build a strong team. One of Axies need to have high health and another needs to be able to withstand high damage. Once you buy your Axies, you are ready to play your first game.

    Step 5: Login with MetaMask and set up an email/password.

    Step 6: Download Axie Infinity HERE.

    Step 7: Learn how to play Axie Infinity and earn money.

    Axie Infinity is a new type of crypto-based game platform. AXS and SLP prices may be correlated to the game’s popularity; they may fall if players migrate to a competitor or lose interest. People participate in this game mostly to gain money. Investing, on the other hand, entails risk. Your final decision should be based on your risk tolerance, portfolio, and comprehensive analysis.


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