Best IDO Launchpads for Crypto Projects in 2021

    These launchpads are getting the most potential projects in the crypto space.

    All investors know for a fact: In the crypto world, whoever joins early wins big. It is not easy to identify projects when they are still at the early stage so missing them seems inevitable. It also means you could miss out on huge potential returns. That’s why there are a number of cryptocurrency platforms that help investors find early-stage projects before their tokens are released to the public. These cryptocurrency platforms are called launchpads.

    If you don’t want to lose great chances to boost your earnings, here are some of the best launchpads to watch out for in 2021.

    1. Polkastarter

    Polkastarter is one of the most popular IDO launchpads that are trusted by many investors. Launched in December 2020, Polkastarter is built on the Polkadot blockchain protocol that allows crypto projects to easily launch their own decentralized and interoperable token pools. Its aim is to help early-stage crypto projects raise funds, build a strong user community, and increase their outreach.

    POLS is known as its native utility token. If you want to participate in IDOs on this platform, you must have at least 250 POLS to enter the whitelisting raffle (250 POLS is equivalent to 1 ticket). The more POLS you own, the higher your chances of getting whitelisted. Non-POLS holders can also take part in public sales.


    • Easily switch between different Blockchain protocols allowing users to exchange any coin
    • Fast transaction processing speed
    • Tokens can be listed without permission
    • Using its own POLS token for management lets any token holder participate in the network ecosystem
    • Simple inter-network exchanges of tokens
    • Offers many competitions and the top of the leaderboard will get extra POLS. The total prize amount is up to hundreds of tokens.


    • POLS coin price is very volatile so users need to pay attention to it before purchasing coins
    • Investors must have sufficient knowledge of decentralized finance (DeFi) to take part in
    • Users must hold at least 3,000 POLS to join certain groups that are detrimental to small investors.

    2. Lemonade

    Lemonade is one of the hottest DeFi launchpads of 2021. Lemonade makes it easy for crypto projects to launch their token sale within minutes. Hence, it is an ideal choice for project issuers who want to organize a crowd sale without having to deal with technical complications.

    On this platform, even people with no knowledge of programming or smart contracts logic can set up a token offering within minutes. It was launched in April and run by Jigstack DAO. STAK is the native token of the Jigstack ecosystem and it is also used to manage Lemonade and other Jigstack protocols.


    • Simple to use: Token issuers can easily raise funds without worrying about complicated setups or involving mining intermediaries
    • Seamless experience: Lemonade offers hands-free automation, permissionless and a customizable sales structure that ensures a seamless experience for users
    • Intuitive interface: Users can easily set up a token offering within minutes
    • Safe and Efficient: Lemonade ensures to provide the most efficient and secure transaction environment possible for all participants.

    3. MakerDAO Pad

    DAO Maker is also a reputable launchpad in the crypto space. This platform has helped many promising projects successfully crowdfund since its inception. DAO Maker is known for pioneering several new token sale models, including the Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO), which allows investors to return their tokens if they are not satisfied with its performance. It also created Strong Holder Offering (SHO), which rewards long-term token holders with allocations to sold-out projects.

    To receive allocations for the token sale, users must lock the project’s native token, the DAO, in a vault on their account. The token sale process can take place in two ways: SHO as we mentioned above and SEED (special seed rounds through which investors can increase their allocation). SHO targets all DAO token holders while SEED seeks to allow more people to participate in fundraising. Many projects have successfully raised funds on MakerDAO such as My Neighbor Alice, Elrond Network, Orion Protocol, etc.


    • Users can get big profits through fundraising projects on MakerDAO
    • It gives users instant access to the token sale as soon as they stake DAO in their vault and no stipulated lock-up period
    • Besides possible proceeds from taking part in the token sale, users can earn a decent 0.23% APY on their DAO holdings.


    • Users must lock up to 500 DAO tokens to participate in the token sale
    • Users need advanced knowledge of the Ethereum network and wallets to participate in DAO Maker and its services.

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