BITCOIN 2021 vs 2017: Are we up for an end-of-the-year rally? - There are many similarities between the Bitcoin bull cycle of 2017 and 2021.

    An account named TradingShot on has been among the first to compare Bitcoin’s Cycles through the spectrum of divergence and convergence with the most recent one being in June:

    You may see more examples of his methodology on this at the end of this analysis.

    On the current one he simply compare the last year of the 2017 Bull Cycle with the 2021 phase of the Bull Cycle. The similarities are more than obvious. As you see, key lows during both Cycles have (so far) been aligned: March, July, September and November. It may seem as a coincidence but as he has shown on previous analyses, BTC has a unique tendency to repeat each cyclical behavior to a greater or lesser extent each time.

    Since June/ July in particular (after the China ban on crypto mining in May), the two sequences have been remarkably identical. Compressing the 2017 phase down to the 2021’s scale, helps a great deal at more effectively displaying this correlation:

    The chart above shows just how converged the two cycles are since June and leaves promise that if history repeats itself again, there is an enormous end of the year parabolic rally about to start.

    More studies on the cyclical convergence/ divergence approach:

    DISCLAIMER: The article is predictive, not calling for investment. Every decision is yours to decide

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