Bloomberg Makes a Partnership With Twitter to Manage Data-Driven Crypto Content

    This pairing aims at providing clarity in a virtual space full of misinformation.

    In this team-up with Twitter, Bloomberg Media curates exclusive content focused on crypto under its @Crypto handle on the social media company. 

    The collab will help people on the two platforms easily navigate the cryptocurrency market. This is a multi-year international deal and is expected to start this month. 

    Bloomberg and the Twitter Team on Data-Driven Crypto Content

    Exclusive content will be paired with “@Crypto Activity Snapshot,” a video series, which focuses on bringing clarity to discussions about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Despite the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the truth is that this market is still riddled with misinformation and is spread globally from irresponsible advertising.

    Other video productions including the clip “What You Need to Know” will be posted by Bloomberg several times a week as an instrument to convey information to crypto enthusiasts. Moreover, a series of content in various segments will be featured as an influential voice, providing insights, comments from influencers, financers, or “finfluencers.”

    When asked about this collaboration, Sarah Rosen, head of U.S. entertainment and news partnerships at Twitter, answered: “This is the perfect time to expand our long-standing partnership with Bloomberg Media and bring more of their content to Twitter,” she added: “Crypto conversation on Twitter is exploding and we’re thrilled to have Bloomberg provide their authoritative voice on the topic, breaking down the trends, the coins, the global impact and everything in between as we enter this new frontier of global currency.”

    Besides the content published on @Crypto handle with more than 805,000 Twitter followers, Bloomberg will launch additional video franchises on Twitter in 2022 and 2023. The media company also plans to host multiple Twitter Spaces per week and at the same time, expand the interaction on these Spaces to the international markets. Upcoming Bloomberg events will also be streamed on Twitter.

    The crypto-focused partnership is a new trend of co-branding partnership as the world revolving around the Metaverse and the virtual world. These activities are expected to grow quickly in the forthcoming years. 

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