BTC – Getting Ready for Another Bull Run - The prediction of a new Bitcoin bull run is well received by the virtual currency investor community.

    In weekly TF, Descending Broadening Wedge upside breakout already done, retesting in process. In case of successful retest, be ready for another Bull Run.

    Daily Timeframe Analysis

    Daily candle closed above the 50,000$. Now, Bitcoin Bulls need to reclaim the MA128 (52,600) & 53,000 horizontal Resistance.

    If 53,000 Resistance got cleared, expecting massive Bullish Wave towards the 70,000. In case of rejection, next stop would be 40,000.

    3-days candle closed above the Major Trendline Support.

    If Bitcoin Remains above the trendline, still expecting bounce back towards the 64.000 Major Resistance Area .

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    DISCLAIMER: The article is predictive, not calling for investment. Every decision is yours to decide.

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