BTC Possible Paths After Breaking Important Support Zones - A short uptrend "FAKE rally" in December and further downtrend in to a bear market 2022.

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    As we can see the market here is still bearish but we can expect a bullish market only after breaking the resistance of trendlines on the chart (Blue trendlines resistance).

    Also, we can expect more corrections here like the red path. Strong supports and resistances ahead mentioned on the chart.

    Since BTC continues the downtrend (last mark: >=$57700). From now on we will repeat the May pattern. A short uptrend “FAKE rally” in December and further downtrend in to a bear market 2022. If you’re getting stopped out from wide spreads, change brokers. There are hundreds of them. when you can exploit the market by participating in day exchanging or duplicating the exchange alert from an expert merchant who gets guidance and comprehends the exchange and utilize the methodology to produce signals consistently to make benefit and develop your portfolio as I have made crypto floods of more than 8 BTC with a gauge of 2.5 BTC toward the start in a couple of months

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