CALO App Entertaining Users With Another “Gacha Box Sale” Event

    Join CALO 2nd “Gacha Box Sale” event now to notch numerous attractive prizes!

    This is the second Gacha Box Sale and is the first big event in 2022 of CALO app. To prize the most enthusiastic users, there will be more attractive benefits and rewards. 

    About the event

    The next sale for Gacha Box is happening now! By owning boxes, users can fetch LOLO eggs, a type of NFTs in CALO metaverse, which bring many rare and powerful features. (This this topic to know more about the uses of NFT eggs)

    • Time to join: 3PM UTC Jan 08th – 3PM UTC Jan 10th, 2022
    • Total number of Gacha Boxes: 600
    • Buy at:
    Gacha Box Sale” event is available now!

    NOTE: There will be another batch if the number of joiners reaches over 10,000. So, don’t miss out on this time to have more fascinating events with more thrilling rewards in the future. 

    How to buy Gacha Boxes? 

    Follow these simple steps and valued Boxes will be right in your pocket: 

    Gacha List
    • Read info of each box, choose your favorite then click on “BUY NOW”. Once finished, you will be on the detail page of your selected Gacha.
    Click “BUY NOW” you will see chosen Gacha informations
    • You need to connect your wallet with the Dapp to complete your purchase. Choosing the Connect Wallet button, the APPROVE button pop-up for those wallets which haven’t been approved for the smart contract using Calo tokens. Click APPROVE button, and then BUY button (For approved wallets, BUY button will show up directly).
    • Metamask requirres you to confirm your purchase. Accept and your transaction will be processed in a few minutes. After successfully buying a Gacha, you’ll own a Lolo egg. If you got chosen LOLO egg information, then your process is done. 
    LOLO egg
    • To read further information of your LOLO egg, go to the Mint & Bag section on the menu bar, select the Wallet Inventory.

    Hopefully, these instructions will help you to join Gacha Box Sale easier. For more information on CALO app events, and also of CALO project, check out: 


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