CALO – Burn Calories and Earn Tokens

    With Calo App, you not only improve your health but also earn rewards in NFTs by completing challenges.

    About CALO

    CALO is a health app based on blockchain technology that encourages users to participate in sports. It allows businesses and brands to arrange challenges while participants can earn CALO Tokens and NFTs by completing those challenges.

    With the slogan “Burn to Earn”, CALO hopes to create a revolution in the field of fitness and sports, giving users an “entertainment experience to earn” while doing exercises. Compared to traditional solutions which often bring boredom and demotivation, CALO is clearly much more interesting and addictive.

    How does it work?

    Created to be an important app for fitness enthusiasts, CALO works with other fitness apps like Strava, Garmin, Apple Health, Samsung Gear, etc. to connect APIs and use users’ fitness and health profiles as a basis to reward users with CALO tokens and crypto-assets.

    What makes CALO different?

    Burn to Earn: Of course, this is one of the most outstanding features of Calo App. CALO is the perfect combination of fitness, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. For every calorie you burn, this app will calculate and reward you in tokens or NFT items. The more calories you burn, the more tokens you get.

    Gamification: CALO makes your workouts like a game, thereby motivating users to maintain healthy habits through completing challenges. Lolo Booster for example, where you run in a jungle of dinosaurs and try not to let them catch you. Or daily, you will burn at least 400 kcals to fight against Fat Zombies invading the earth, and more.

    Multi-Profits: This app is suitable for both non-crypto and crypto users due to the combination of sports and blockchain. Improve your health and make profits at the same time – Why not?

    Leaderboard and social network: CALO includes a social network feature where users, through their CALO Avatar, can share their adventures, workouts, workout routines, and daily activities with other users. Users can comment and interact on this platform. Also, Calories offers a leaderboard system that lets users compete with each other to become the best. The goal is to bring people closer together while creating more motivation and cooperation.

    CALO team

    All are young, dynamic, knowledgeable, and experienced people in blockchain, gaming studios, and sports. Their aim is to convey a healthy and balanced lifestyle as well as quickly adapt to technology in a flat world.

    Fat Token

    Fat Token is a blockchain-based platform cryptocurrency. This is an unlimited token and is issued by syncing activity data into Calo App. The more calories you burn, the more fat tokens you get.

    Fat Token

    CALO Token

    CALO Token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with a limited supply. CALO Token is the main currency of the Calo ecosystem that makes users become investors. Based on the Heath Mining mechanism, Calo will trigger corresponding Token distribution for each challenge completion by each user on the chain including result recognition, tokens, currency holding income, and mining pool NFT, and will also record all private keys to ensure its fairness.

    CALO Token


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