Calo Marketplace Officially Launched – Ready to Buy Your First Calo NFTs

    After waiting a long time, Calo development team is excited to announce that Calo Marketplace was officially released. The community can join, buy, and exchange NFTs right now. 

    With the slogan “Burn to Earn”, Calo hopes to create a revolution in the field of fitness and sports, giving users an “entertainment experience to earn money” while exercising. With this NFT market published, Calo has moved ahead in the blockchain world and also expects users to have the chance to experience NFT world, one of the hottest and profitable markets.

    How to join Calo Marketplace:

    • Go to:
    • Create an account, connect your Metamask wallet, click on Marketplace and explore all the goods you want
    • Buy and exchange your NFTs goods with other Calo Fan

    What you get:

    • Low exchange fee
    • Credibility when buying Calo NFTs from Calo Marketplace

    Create and connect your Metamask wallet today and jump on the board with Calo to own precious NFTs with low exchange fee and risk-free!

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