CALO Officially Launches Beta Version – Join Event to Get Rewards Now!

    A lot of attractive challenges and rewards are waiting for us!

    With the innovative “Burn to Earn” concept, CALO hopes to create a revolution in the field of fitness and sports, giving users an “entertainment experience to earn money” while exercising. By rewarding users with tokens that can be purchased on the marketplace, this app makes workouts a lot more enjoyable and motivating.

    Today, we are delighted to announce that the CALO beta version will be officially released at 9AM UTC Jan 25th 2022. To celebrate this launch, CALO also offers users many challenges with valuable rewards. Let’s check out the reason that this will be an event you cannot miss out:

    New Challenges Updated: The Pioneers – Ly Son Island Virtual Challenge  – Run to Home For Lunar New Year Virtual Challenge.

    Earn Valuable Calo Token and Digital Medal: User don’t need $CALO to join and can earn more when completing challenges! 

    – Calo Withdraw/Deposit Features Updated: $CALO token can be withdraw to Meta Mask Wallet, or use to trade on Calo Marketplace

    Enjoy Meaningful Lunar New Year Spirit: Why don’t Run to Home for New Year challenges to be the run to someone you love this spring: share quality time together in the holiday season?


    Timeline: 09:00 UTC 25th Jan – 23:59 UTC 31th Jan, 2022

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