Calo Opens ‘Run to Metaverse’ Tournament With Prizes up to $3,200

    Rewarded for doing exercise, what could be more appealing than that?

    ‘Run to Earn’ is now a new trend in the crypto space, in which earning digital assets is not only in a virtual playground but also in real-life activities. Following that hype, Calo Metaverse announced the “Calo Tournament: Run to Metaverse” to widely introduce the run-to-earn concept to more people. After completing all event tasks, participants will receive NFTs, vouchers as well as slots to buy Calo Sneakers. The total prize value is $3,200.

    Here are details about the tournament: 

    1. Time: 

    From 18:00 (UTC +7) April 28, 2022 to 23:59 (UTC +7) May 2, 2022.

    2. Format: Virtual Run

    Participants can join and run at anytime and anywhere depending on each individual’s schedule. Use 84RACE and Strava apps to record the results. 

    3. Requirements:

    There are 2 levels of completion: Finish 100 km or Finish 20 km

    4. Rules: 

    • Participants can run several times a day depending on their schedule however a valid average speed (min/km) must be between 4-9 min/1km. That means the average moving speed of all the fastest 1km intervals is 4 min/km.
    • Running distance is measured by a GPS device that shows a route map when connected to Strava. (App won’t record results if participant runs on a treadmill). Participants need to run > 1km to have results recorded on the system. 
    • If participant has a tracklog that violates the required speed, that tracklog will be removed from the system. Multiple violations will result in being disqualified from the race.
    • All tracklogs must be synchronized to the system before 12 am May 3, 2022. Any tracklogs that synced after this time will not be recorded.

    5. Prize (Total value of $3.200)

    Calo NFT Sneaker

    Consolation prize:

    10 whitelists on launchpad will be randomly drawn from participants.

    Acceleration Prize:

    • Complete 50 km: 

    Draw 5 vouchers buy 1 get 1 free for NFTs ShoeBox on launchpad

    Get 1 free whitelist ticket to buy NFTs Shoebox on (only open for sale from 8 pm – 10:59 pm (UTC +7) on May 3, 2022 at:

    • Complete 20km: 

    Draw 2 vouchers buy 1 get 1 free for NFTs ShoeBox on launchpad

    Grand Prize: 

    Get 1 NFTs Shoebox worth 1 BNB from Calo Metaverse (equivalent to $400 USD at the current prices), which can be resold on the Calo marketplace or used for additional running rewards.

    The winner list will be announced on Race84, Calo Community, and AceStarter Community.

    Now, join the tournament for the most attractive prizes:

    Learn more about Calo Metaverse via:

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