DeFiHorse – Chaos: The Most Chaotic Thunder in Races

    Chaos is the rarest horse bloodline in DeFiHorse, even more precious than Titan and Heroic.

    As you know, there are 4 bloodlines in DeFiHorse: Chaos, Poseidon, Titan and Heroic. Chaos among them is considered the rarest bloodline – Race of Ragnarok. The rate of raising this bloodline is counted in parts per million. Children of Chaos also inherit many advantages from Father – Mother and have a high value.

    Born from the big bang, Chaos possesses a body made of constellations and owns the power of the Black Hole. Its hair color is shiny like the Northern Lights. If any steed can jump through space, that should be Chaos. Every thundering you hear, they have a step of galaxies.

    Like others, 16 thoroughbred Chaos Steeds were realized by The Corps for their ambitions, too. They mined ‌energy from Chaos, exploited their strength, and controlled their speed to reign over the world.

    Come and rescue them from The Auction, soothe the Chaos, and together chase the good purposes for humans. An Ultra-Rare Genuine Chaos will be there!

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