DeFiHorse – Discover the Metaverse Through Fantastic Races

    Talented riders, are you ready to join the climax horse races on Metaverse? If so, DeFiHorse will fullfill you!

    What’s in your mind when it comes to horse racing? Is it horse races in large arenas where you can be a participant or a spectator in the stands? If so, you can now change your thought about this sport game. With the spectacular growth of technology, the way we live and the way we play sport are now changed. When everything is going around Metaverse, horse racing is no exception. DeFiHorse, one of the most awaited NFT games, is the forefront project in the sector. Through this game, you can discover a whole new world to expand your horse racing experience via amazing virtual adventures. 

    DeFiHorse – Race to the Metaverse

    DeFiHorse has recently introduced you to the next phase of development called CYBER RACE ODYSSEY – “GOD ARE THE ONES WHO WIN” with numerous attractive benefits:

    • Convenience, 24/7 availability: No physical travel, no time loss, all you need is a laptop or a smartphone with Internet access, you can join in a tremendous virtual world, and connect with other players all over the world anytime and anywhere!
    • Everyone can be a rider: Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced player, you can join DeFiHorse, because this game is designed for everyone. To start your dream races, there is only 1 requirement, owning at least 1 NFT horse. 
    • Easy to earn: Owning and breeding horses, organizing horse races, growing stud farms, owning lands, or trading other NFT assets … there are millions of ways to make profit with a lot of added benefits. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Join in the DeFiHorse metaverse and experience the most epic horse races now!

    For more information on DeFiHorse and upcoming campaigns, check out: 

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