DeFiHorse – Find Out All Breed Types of In-game Horses

    Let’s take a look at breed types and prepare for next horse generations!

    Breed types account for 20% of the total weighting when calculating the minimum breeding price. In DeFiHorse, there are 6 breed types of horses: Ascended, Mythic, Legendary, Elite, Popular. Each breed is weighted as follows:

    • Ascended: 180%
    • Mythic: 150% 
    • Legendary: 120%
    • Elite: 90% Evolution: 80%
    • Popular: 60%

    Like bloodlines, depending on what breed type your male racehorse will also play a role in setting the minimum breeding price that you can set.

    Refer to table below to define the blood types of offsprings through the breeding process: 

    Among those, Ascended racehorses are the purest breed and cannot be reproduced. Horses with this type of breed bring higher returns on investment in terms of value of horses, breeding fee, and winning chance on the race. 

    The Ascended breed also plays a pivotal role in determining a racehorse’s racing ability. The closer breed to Ascended type, the more favorable of horse racing ability will be.

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