DeFiHorse – NFT Game That Takes Traditional Horse Racing to the Next Level

    DeFiHorse allows players to buy, sell, breed, take NFT horses to races to win prizes and organize races to earn real money.


    DeFiHorse is a horse racing metaverse based on blockchain technology. In DeFiHorse, we find the perfect combination of 3 factors: Billions Dollar Cross-Platform Gaming Industry, Exciting Horse Racing and Unstoppable Blockchain Technology & NFTs. It all comes together perfectly in an appealing futuristic setting where horse races determine the world’s destiny.

    So, what makes DeFiHorse different?

    Graphic is probably one of the biggest plus points of DeFiHorse. With a modern Cyberpunk theme and style, DeFiHorse attracts the attention of many gamers and investors. This is also a key factor that helps DeFiHorse confidently move towards positioning in the high-end segment like other AAA projects in the market.

    Besides graphics, DeFiHorse also offers impressive gameplay that has great potential in developing Esport tournament systems. The competitive nature of races keeps players excited and suspenseful until the last seconds. The development team strives to create a balance in the gameplay and unique features in order to create an attractive Esport.

    Management team and strategic advisory board

    DeFiHorse’s management team and strategic advisory board are all leading experts and entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the fields of technology, business, and investment.

    Edison Mai – CEO: The name on Vietnam’s 30 under 30 by Forbes; the founder of the pioneering LPDi Token ecosystem and the CitiGolf golf course chain; Chairman of a series of nationally and internationally successful brands such as Otoke Chicken, Chewy Chewy, and more.

    Kian Ho – Brand & Creative Director: Co-founder of April Advertising, CEO of e-commerce channel GreenOly with more than 13 years of experience in the field of creativity and strategy in major agencies.

    Steven Nguyen – Advisor: Founder and CEO of Netlink platform, President of Metub network, Founder of million dollar start-up Luxstay. He has 15 years of experience in creating Internet & Digital brands.

    Hung Dinh – Advisor: Founder of RADA, JoomlArt, DesignBold. He is a talented investor and strategist, 16 years at the forefront of web design and mobile business with prominent brands like JUNO, Printgo, and ViCare.

    Ronni K.G Christiansen – Advisor: Member of the executive board of Joomla OMS – a leading company in providing operational management systems, promises to provide orientations to help the DeFiHorse ecosystem work smoothly.

    Vi Khoa – Advisor: Vice President of VISERA – Vietnam E-Sports Association, Mr. Duong Vi Khoa will certainly provide professional advice to guide the formation, organization and operation of DeFiHorse Esports tournaments.

    NFT Horses

    In DeFiHorse, each NFT horse has special features that bring unique experiences to players. There are 4 bloodlines, including The Chaos, The Poseidon, The Titan and The Heroic. Pace, Acceleration, and Endurance are the 3 key factors that determine whether an NFT horse will win races or not.

    In the world of DeFiHorse, these racehorses were born in the context of technology corporations vying for world domination. They have both the supreme power of Divine Beasts and the limitless possibilities of modern technology.

    NFT technology is used to make each horse in the game unique. All NFT horse data is publicly available. Players can track the horse’s appearance, race history, and bloodline through this data.


    Similar to real-life horses, your steed will be of one of two genders: Male or Female. To create the next generation of horses, you will need to take the parents to the stud farm, pay a small fee and then wait a few days for a foal to be born.

    The first thing to know is that horses in DeFiHorse are divided into several levels, based on the rarity and strength involved. When it comes to DeFiHorse breeding, there are 6 important factors: Ascended, Mythic, Legendary, Elite, Evolution, and Population. How rare and how strong a steed was created during crossbreeding depends entirely on their parent pair.

    Color breeding

    The color scheme of horses is one of the factors that the DeFiHorse development team focuses on. The color partly represents the strength, bloodline, and rarity of the steeds. The color and patterns of the horse’s skin also reflect the personality of the owner. Therefore, very cool color-coordinated steeds will most likely be sought at a high price, when accompanied by the corresponding power. In other words, besides its power, creating or owning an eye-catching, trending or unique steed will give investors more opportunities to earn profit.

    Racecourses Collection

    More than a regular horse race, DeFiHorse offers many themes and gameplay that may be out of your imagination. Currently, there are 4 racecourses themes available: Space-time Racecourse, Mutant Racecourse, Radiation Racecourse, and Quantum Racecourse. In the future, more themes will be developed. Players and investors can own racecourses and earn profit from hosting tournaments.

    Rankings & Tournaments

    As mentioned above, DeFiHorse aims to build an eSports game and ecosystem around it. To do that, the game must be a competition and challenge for the gamers. So the ranking mode, matchmaking and elo system are what gamers are interested in.

    DeFiHorse Ecosystem

    The DeFiHorse ecosystem has 2 levels: Minor and Major. Professional tournaments will also be the spotlight in the DefiHorse ecosystem. An upcoming tournament with a total prize pool of 1 million USD will be held in the near future. It will be a big attraction for professional gamers and investors who want to make money from this game.

    Trading & Liquidity

    Investors and players alike are concerned with the liquidity of their in-game assets, turning them into cash. In DeFiHorse, people can own horses, farms, land, racehorses and trade them with others.

    There are 2 methods to trade in DeFiHorse: Buy and sell on the Market or P2P. DFH and other tokens used in the DeFiHorse ecosystem will be listed on the popular DEX soon.

    DFH Token

    The DFH token is used for a variety of purposes, such as being the currency used to purchase NFT steeds, paying for races, and staking. Players will also receive DFH as a reward for achievements in each race.


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