DeFiHorse Steeds – The Convergence of NFTs and Artificial Intelligence

    AI has revolutionized the way humans work, interact, and even create artwork.

    AI has been used in many aspects of life, not only in industries but also in the creation of art. As NFTs are taking the world of art and music by storm, it’s no surprise that AI could become the next big leap in crypto. AI can now be used to create works of art in the form of NFT, which creators can sell in the digital format.

    AI-generated NFTs

    In 2018, “GAN” – an artwork created by AI sold for $400,000. After the process of deep learning thousands of artworks to understand the patterns and techniques of the artists, an AI is capable of creating an NFT art.


    NFTs that are given an AI personality. You can have conversations with them, they can learn new things and change their personality. And they live on the blockchain. Alice, a female iNFT of Alethea AI was sold for $500,000.

    Digital-art NFTs that could explain their inspiration? Players train their iNFTs to become more intelligent and earn money by participating in “Minds Battle“? In the near future, the value of the AI – NFTs combination might expand beyond imagination. 

    DeFiHorse Steeds: The only horses on Earth that are integrated with artificial intelligence, can grow uncountable possibilities over time, and bring great value to investors. 

    Get them at the First-Ever Rare Horse Auction!

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