DefiLlama – Things Users Need to Know

    DefiLlama is the largest multi-chain DeFi dashboard that aggregates data from hundreds of different blockchains and thousands of different apps. Recently, DefiLlama also launched a meta DEX aggregator called LIamaSwap. So what is meta DEX aggregator? Let’s find out?

    What is DefiLlama?

    DefiLlama is the leading analysis platform that aggregates data from different blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH), Avalanche (AVAX), Near Protocol (NEAR), Solana (SOL), BNB chain (BNB), and more. The project calls itself a data dashboard – provides detailed information for investors for free by analyzing data across chains. 

    In fact, the decentralization of blockchains makes it difficult for users to keep track of what is happening on-chain or more specifically, trading activities on the DeFi market. DefiLlama aims to help users access DeFi more easily.

    DefiLlama offers many outstanding features, providing intuitive, real-time, and reliable transaction data that give users the most accurate and transparent information about the DeFi market. DefiLlama allows users to track all blockchains and Dapps, from popular to lesser known ones.

    Users can use DefiLlama to follow Dapps, blockchains, Oracles, Forks, Airdrops, and NFTs.

    Outstanding features of DefiLlama

    DefiLlama Data Dashboard

    DefiLlama’s website has aggregated a large amount of data from different blockchains and thousands of decentralized apps. DefiLlama dashboard shows a chart of DeFi TVL across different activities, so users can know which blockchain is attracting cash flow and how DeFi is evolving. All data is provided for free. The platform also provides a Public API to integrate data from other websites.

    Upon entering the site, you’ll go straight to the DeFi Llama dashboard showing a chart of DeFi TVL across different activities. These include TVL rankings based on USD, the TVL of different blockchains, protocols, and the percentage change over one day, seven days, and a month.

    Defillama allows users to know if apps are compatible with chains other than Ethereum. So, developers can know the best DeFi exchanges for the largest chains without spending time doing individual research.

    Meta DEX Aggregator

    Meta DEX Aggregator is a new product of DefiLlama. It is a liquidity aggregator from various sources. Meta DEX Aggregator quotes the best price for a trade from multiple aggregators, making it more convenient for users to trade.

    Traders can choose the best price queried from multiple DEX aggregators. DefiLlama will charge no fees for this service, and users will get the same price as they would if they traded on a DEX aggregator’s website. Instead, DefiLlama will earn its revenue share from the aggregator platform the trades are routed through.

    DefiLlama will also verify the gas prices and trade routes of various aggregators to make sure that the price quoted to traders is accurate. The platform also has an opt-in privacy mode which allows traders to prevent other aggregators from linking a wallet address to an IP.

    How to use DefiLlama

    Data dashboard

    Data plays an important role in any financial market , and especially the crypto market. DefiLlama data dashboard provides users a comprehensive overview.

    Meta DEX Aggregator

    Meta DEX Aggregator is developed by DefiLlama main development team and is in beta stage. To use Meta DEX Aggregator, users follow these steps:

    1. Create a MetaMask wallet
    2. Visit
    3. Connect to your MetaMask wallet 
    4. Experience Meta DEX Aggregator

    The way to use DefiLlama’s Meta DEX Aggregator is similar to other DEX Aggregator.

    At the homepage of Meta DEX Aggregator’s website, there are 3 main parts:

    1. Select the blockchain to use. Example: Ethereum
    2. Select the token to Swap
    3. Select the number of tokens you want to Swap. 

    Users can choose Private Mode to secure the computer’s IP address in case they do not want to make public where this transaction takes place.

    Defillama is the best one-stop-shop for all things Decentralized Finance (DeFi). It is the most popular free analytics tool that allows users to gain insights to valuable information such as the relative growth, or decline, in Total Value Locked of a Layer 1 network, Layer 2 network or a DeFi application.

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