Discover Space Marvel – A Unique GameFi that Combines Myth and Science Elements

    With all of its standout features, Space Marvel promises to be the next epic metaverse P2E gaming.

    Space Marvel is a special space where many parallel universes coexist and are connected to each other through a space-time crack. In that multiverse, players will form their own team to join them in uncovering hidden mysteries and ancient legends.

    Key features

    One of Space Marvel’s biggest highlights is that players can play the game for free. Of course, to gain strength quickly, players will need to invest a certain amount of money in NFTs like Heroes or Spaceships. These assets can later be resold on the marketplace. 

    Space Marvel’s economy is controlled by a dual token system, with $SVE as the main token and $SVX as the in-game reward. Using these two tokens with separate utilities will ensure the inflation rate is kept at a stable level.

    Moreover, though running mainly on Binance Smart Chain, Space Marvel also works on Avalanche and Solana, so players from different networks can be able to experience the game.

    Multi-chain support


    In this tremendous space, players can optionally build companions from heroes to fight back evil forces and conquer the multiverse. 

    Space Marvel’s hero

    There are 2 main game modes: PvE and PvP.

    About PvE, players will form a squad of different gods to overcome challenges and receive rewards such as Arena tickets, tokens, equipment, etc.

    As for PvP, this mode is available for each season (lasts for 1 – 2 weeks). Arena ticket is required to join. Players in the same levels will be paired with each other. At the end of a season, top 10 players will be selected to receive valued rewards.

    Boss Fight is another significant mode in Space Marvel. Boss will appear 2 times per day. Players have one free turn to deal damage to the Boss. They can buy more turns with $SVX. The reward for defeating the Boss will be based on the damage players have dealt. The higher the damage, the more tokens to get.

    Besides, Freight and Hijack are other unique game modes that players need to try: 

    For Freight mode, players will place a number of tokens as a bet and deliver the goods to a specified place at a certain time. If the transport succeeds, the staked tokens will be doubled. If fails, they will lose a 20% number of their stake to the hijacker.

    In turn, players can also play in hijack mode. For each hijack to succeed, they will earn 20% of the bet tokens from the freighter. If fails, the hijacker will lose 5% of the total tokens to the freighter.

    Play-to-earn mechanism

    Space Marvel provides a fair playground where every player has the same opportunity to increase their income.

    Here are some simple ways to earn money in the game:

    • Compete and join Arena PvP or Mutil PvP
    • Summon and hybridize heroes. Create rarer heroes and sell them
    • Discover and participate in daily activities to get $SVE which can be sold on many exchanges.
    • Mining and trading in-game materials 
    • Reward in a referral system 
    • Sell game items, heroes, gods on the marketplace 
    • Auction, rebuild, rent space stations
    • Stake $SVE token


    About $SVE token

    • Token Name: Space Marvel
    • Token Symbol: SVE
    • Network: Binance Smart Chain
    • Total Supply: $SVE
    • Token Standard: BEP-20
    $SVE token

    $SVE tokens are used for: 

    • Main
    • Buying in-game items
    • Upgrading items, heroes, buildings, etc.
    • Staking to earn more tokens 
    • Buying NFT Gods, Heroes, Spaceship, Space stations 

    More usages will be announced soon!

    About $SVX token

    • Token symbol: SVX
    • Total supply:
    • Token standard: BEP-20
    • Network: Binance Smart Chain
    $SVX token

    $SVX is the reward for players after finishing daily tasks, winning battles, or exploring a new planet. They are also used to reduce the inflation rate of Space Marvel’s economy.


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