Dogecoin Unveils Libdogecoin Update, Integrating DOGE into Multiple Platforms

    The initial release of LibDogecoin has been announced by Dogecoin’s core developer, Michi Lumin. This is considered to be the key for future of the famous meme coin.

    Libdogecoin is a C library that integrates DOGE directly into various platforms. Though this new functionality works remotely, what makes it unique is that it is designed to work without the requirement of having in-depth blockchain knowledge.

    In short, users don’t need to have technical knowledge or do complicated manipulation of protocols but are still able to create products based on Dogecoin’s standards.

    The new update works in a variety of languages. According to developers, the newly announced Libdogecoin v0.1 is simply a pure library, lacking the ability to operate a node.

    Libdogecoin’s role

    Libdogecoin is seen as the foundation for the future of Dogecoin products such as RadioDoge and Gigawallet. The goal is to make DOGE an efficient exchange tool for goods and services globally.

    Dogecoin’s current position

    Dogecoin is the biggest market cap meme coin with over $9 billion. Its all-time high price of $0.7 was recorded in May 2021.

    The rise of DOGE led to the showing up of many other memes, in which the most prominent being Shiba Inu. However, despite the increasingly fierce competition, Dogecoin is still favored by many investors.

    Over the past time, Dogecoin has continuously made significant strides, one of those is a software update that improves security, efficiency, and user interface at the end of July after being included in The Boring Company’s official payment system.

    As of press time, DOGE is up more than 3% in the past 24 hours along with the bounce back of entire crypto market.

    DOGE/USDT 1h chart on Binance at 10:50 AM on 08/06/2022

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