Epic Games Store to Get Its First NFT Game – GRIT - Epic Games, the parent company behind the highly popular game Fortnite,has officially added Gala’s GRIT as the first NFT game to their store.

    GRIT will be the first NFT game available to players on Epic Games Store. The game is expected to launch later this year and will be free for Windows PC players. It will also make NFT assets available to users to freely buy and sell in the game.

    Gala Games recently invested $5 billion to expand its NFT ecosystem including games, music, movies, and theme park NFT. Among them, the Gala Music platform and the launch of the NFT esport platform Spider Tanks are the latest developments of the project.

    As Steam has staunchly opposed NFT in 2021, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney at that time said that Epic Games would welcome blockchain games as long as they comply with relevant laws. And now, GRIT is the first NFT game available on the Epic Games Store. 

    GRIT is actually developed by Team GRIT, not Gala Games (although the two companies officially partnered in February). GRIT is also currently listed as an upcoming game on Steam but on the platform, GRIT doesn’t have any reference to Web3, cryptocurrency or blockchain. The game also hasn’t had any specific updates since January 25, when Team GRIT hadn’t collaborated with Gala yet.

    Thus, the partnership of Gala Games and Epic marked the birth of GRIT. In a presentation, Gala implied that more blockchain games will eventually be released on the Epic Games Store. As described, GRIT is a battle royale title set in the Wild West where users can experience shooting and riding NFT horses.

    However, the launch of GRIT does not seem to receive much support from the gaming community. Some argued that GRIT is just a worse version of Red Dead Redemption – a popular game developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games. It is also quite understandable because most gamers are still upset about NFTs being included in games. Steam even announced to ban all apps built on blockchain, including NFT.

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