ETH and the way to 5k! - A trader with nearly 10k followers on made a prediction that pleased ETH investors.

    A trader with nearly 10k followers made his prediction:

    ETH has managed to create a new ATH recently. Since then It’s been in a correction phase. This movement is normal and a strong support is between 3970 to 4100. If we expand our vision on the chart, we can see that the price was in a big cup and handle pattern which. The break out has already happened and half of the expected bullish movement has happened.if we put pitchfork on the chart, we can also understand that the price is ranging perfectly between the lines of this useful tool!all patterns Suggest the mentioned support is reliable so we must expect a great bullish movement from there and moving up to 5000$!

    -ETH is in a correction phase since creating a new ATH .
    -Price was in a cup and handle pattern.
    -Pitchfork also works perfectly on the chart.
    -Cup and handle and pitchfork suggest a support between 3970 to 4100
    -After that the odds of reaching 5k is high!

    Warning: The article is for informational purposes only, not calling for investment.

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