Ethereum Whale Moves $116M in ETH After 8 Years of Dormancy - An Ethereum wallet has woken up after 8 years of dormancy.

    According to blockchain tracker analytics firm Whale Alert, an ETH whale has woken up and moved 61,216 ETH ( or 116 million USD) after 8 years of hibernation. 

    Data from Etherscan showed that the wallet has participated in a total of 51 transactions since it was created. Only two of them are “out” transactions. In the first transaction, only 0.05 ETH was transferred, which could be a test transaction. So after this transaction was successfully executed, the waller then moved all 61,216 ETH to Kraken. Some speculate that there will be an ETH dump to the market.

    The wallet participated in Ethereum’s ICO and received a lot of ETH in 2014, where tokens were sold for approximately $0.31 each. It did a few ETH transfers after that, but the amount was negligible. One translation moved only 0.000011 ETH while the other only transferred 911 Wei. Wei is the smallest unit of ETH, 1 ETH = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 Wei. 

    After the latest transfers, the wallet’s Ethereum balance dropped to merely 0.1019685 ETH. 

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