Falling Wedge on SHIBA chart say us about imminent growth soon! - Can SHIB price go higher than ATH ? I think it's possible.

    As you can see on a chart, price draw a falling wedge pattern. By technical analysis such patterns show in future grow, its bullish patterns.
    Price also have very strong support level at 3550 which was a TOP of 1st wave.
    On a chart, I indicate 3 targets is:

    1st Take Profit – 5700
    2nd Take Profit – 7300
    3rd Take Profit – 8900 ( ATH level)

    Can price go higher than ATH? The trader named Atlas Trades (on think yes it’s possible, int his case we can tell about 4th Target around 11000 if you want.
    So, at this moment I still think Shiba will show us grow soon which also tells us a falling wedgebullish pattern .

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    DISCLAIMER: The article is predictive, not calling for investment. Every decision is yours to decide.

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