Former First Lady Melania Trump Released Her Own NFTs

    Everyone is getting into NFTs, including the USA’s former First Lady.

    With interesting hashtag on Twitter – #MelaniaNFT, Former first lady Melania Trump marked her entry into the blockchain space. NFT or non-fungible token is a one-of-a-kind piece of code, stored and protected on a shared public exchange that proves you own a digital creation.

    So, what are her NFTs? Watercolor art that embodies Mrs.Trump’s cobalt blue eyes. A signed digital artwork of herself dressed in white in a French President’s state visit, for a starting bid of $250,000. She also plans to auction other NFTs and physical artwork on her platform starting in January 2022. A portion of the profits will go to help Nation’s children fulfill their unique American Dream.

    In the era of developing technology, NFT items are increasingly diverse, unique and meaningful with special stories behind them. Through NFT auctions, buyers can also contribute their share to support those in need.

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