Galaxy Heroes X – A Must-See NFT Game in 2022

    Galaxy Heroes X looks to be a game that will enthrall the NFT community in 2022.

    What is Galaxy Heroes X?

    Galaxy Heroes X is a Binance Smart Chain-based Play-to-Earn meta-universe game (BSC). This new NFT game is one of the Galaxy Heroes superhero-based NFT protocol’s revolutionary products.

    The game allows players to face numerous enemies, advance to higher levels, and gather additional equipment by using their Heroes or Villains NFTs. The game’s ultimate objective is to win a whopping $1 million prize. However, in order to obtain the ultimate prize, players must first defeat the last boss.

    Players’ money is put into the Galaxy Heroes X treasure vault, and whoever completes all of the challenges and defeats the final boss wins the grand reward. The last boss, interestingly, is reincarnated after each defeat, but with significantly greater power. As a result, every rebirth presents a major challenge in the form of the ultimate fight.

    The treasure vault, on the other hand, does not close, but rather accumulates and rewards the next person who opens it.

    How to Start Playing?

    The Galaxy Heroes X P2E will be released on December 30th, 2021. This is a really easy-to-play game. Any user may enter and participate in one of the finest gaming experiences on BSC with only three steps. The following are the instructions for playing the superhero-themed game:

    Step 1: Make sure you have a BSC wallet first. You can access website Binance Smart Chain and follow the instructions to create your BSC wallet.

    Step 2: Make sure you have enough $BNB in your wallet to pay petrol costs, as well as $GHC to buy Heroes and Villains NFTs.

    Step 3: To begin playing and earning, collect your Heroes and Villains.

    The in-game coin of the Galaxy Heroes X

    The Galaxy Heroes ecosystem is powered by the $GHC coin. Staking farms, NFT, and NFT marketplace, as well as an ETH bridge, are all powered by the utility token (Cross Chain). $GHC is bullish on BSC, with over 55K holders and a current market value of $40,000,000.

    Since its launch in October, $GHC has been listed on over 26 Centralized Exchanges (CEX), including Hotbit, BitForex, Bkex, and many other top CEXes. In addition, Galaxy Heroes aims to be listed on Coinbase and Binance in the future.

    NFT Galaxy and Marketplace

    Galaxy Heroes X has already released 2,500 Villain NFTs, after the first drop of 2,500 Galaxy Heroes NFTs. On November 30th, at 9 p.m. EST, the protocol deployed the Villain NFTs. Following staking, holders get royalties in $BNB from transactions on the Galaxy NFT marketplace. GHC NFTs can now be traded on the Galaxy NFT marketplace. The project’s creator hopes to make this one of the greatest NFT marketplaces on the BSC. The team hopes to overhaul the marketplace and open it up to the public in the future, enabling anybody to advertise and trade their NFTs.

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