Gunstar Metaverse Overview: Play, Enjoy, and Earn Money - Gunstar Metaverse is a massively multiplayer online role-playing and turn-based strategy NFT game that lets players become heroes to save the starworld from mutant creatures.

    The combination of Metaverse and Blockchain is attracting much attention from the community thanks to the boom of NFT in the crypto market. So many great NFT games have been launched and Gunstar Metaverse is one of them. It is not just a game but also a virtual universe of Metaverse, where players can interact and live like in real life.


    Inspired by famous games like Gunbound and Gunny, Gunstar Metaverse is the perfect combination of cutting-edge blockchain technology and NFTs. The game offers players not only unique gaming experiences but also great chances to earn real money. With a diverse weapon and item system, gamers can choose their favorite equipment to hunt monsters, conquer boss raids or fight others in the Arena.

    Unlike traditional games, Gunstar Metaverse gives players real ownership of in-game assets by using blockchain technology to tokenize in-game items into NFT (non-fungible tokens). In the world of Gunstar, each hero and item has its own rarity, uniqueness and advantage. All of them are considered valuable digital assets which can be traded in the crypto market or the NFT marketplace.


    Legend has it that, thousands of years ago, in the land of Fantasy Starworld, humans and animals lived in harmony and built a peaceful world. However, more than a thousand years ago, a technology developed by humans caused a disaster in which animals turned into ferocious monsters. Over the time, they are stronger and gradually dominate the land and destroy human civilization, bringin the world back to the stone ages.

    Luckily, there are still powerful summoned beasts left that can protect themselves and humans. Humans also learn how to be friends with them, taking the advantage of their power and available technologies to resist the destruction of ferocious monsters. And, the story begins with the journey of humans taming summoned beasts, then together kill monsters and save the human civilization in Starworld.


    The development team is all experienced in both game design and blockchain. Some are former members of Gameloft, a very famous game studio in the world. The project is also mentored by experienced experts in the blockchain field. They all come together as a team with one purpose: turn Gunstar Metaverse into a world-class project and bring real value to players.


    GST Token

    How to get:

    • By participating in Arena and getting yourself on the ranking leaderboard.
    • By trading in the Marketplace.
    • By joining special events from Gunstar such as Alpha Release, Close Beta, Open Beta, …

    What is GST used for?

    • Staking
    • Governance 
    • Exchange NFT Pet
    • Borrow Pet in Marketplace.
    • Buying/Selling NFT House

    GSC Token

    How to get:

    Participating in in-game activities in which

    • Campaign
    • Daily Quest
    • Boss raid
    • Arena Rewards
    • Leaderboard reward

    Or exchange directly from other players

    What is GSC used for?

    • GSC has been developed with a purpose like a Game Soft-currency in Gunstar. It will be used in the following activities:
    • Use in fortune wheel for rolling in-game items
    • Use for merging pet fragment into a NFT Pet
    • Use for level up Pet
    • Buy stamina (with limited time per day)
    • Pay for house rental
    • Transportation


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