Heroes TD – NFT Game with Huge Potential of 2021

    When it comes to the most potential NFT games in 2021, we cannot ignore Heroes TD.

    NFT games have attracted the attention of many gamers and crypto enthusiasts in recent years. With a unique monetization model, NFT games open new doors for both gamers and investors. When it comes to the most potential NFT games in 2021, we cannot ignore Heroes TD. If you are looking for this project, you have come to the right place. Now, let’s find out!

    1. Heroes TD overview

    Heroes TD is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game, where players summon Heroes to attack enemy bases and defend theirs. In Heroes TD, players can join a community to play with each other, create new unique NFTs, and trade with others for real money. This game is expected to achieve the same success as Axie Infinity. According to the roadmap, Heroes TD will officially release Beta Test in the first quarter of 2022.

    Heroes TD Roadmap

    2. Heroes TD Development Team

    Heroes TD is developed by CG Studio, consisting of excellent and experienced members in the field of mobile games and blockchain technology. Founded in 2013 with the name VGames, CG Studio has developed games on many platforms such as Android, iOS, Window, Html5, etc. In 2015, the studio decided to shift their focus to online strategy games, publishing some popular titles like GunGun Online or Chess TD. With attractive gameplay, these games have received millions of downloads on mobile marketplaces and are continuing to grow.

    3. Heroes TD Gameplay

    Heroes TD offers many different game modes such as Challenge, PvP, Co-Op, Tournament or Summon.

    Challenge mode: Players can challenge another player directly in 2 ways: Direct Challenge, or Same Deck Challenge. To participate in the challenge, both players will have to pay an entry fee of CGC, and the winners will take the reward based on that amount of CGC, after subtracting a small fee. This mode will encourage players to better customize their decks and polish their skills against their friends.

    PvP: Players will be matched with other players based on their PvP Rank to engage in a match. In this mode, players can earn CGC after each match, depending on their PvP Rank. For low level matches, they can only get a very small amount of CGC. The higher PvP Rank the players are, the more CGC they can get.

    Co-op Mode: Players will be matched with a random player to enter a cooperative defense game. Each player will bring their deck into the match and defend the base together against the enemy’s waves. Depending on the number of waves completed, players will be rewarded an amount of CGC.

    Tournament: 4 or 8 players will pay an entry fee to participate in the Tournament. Players will be matched in pairs to climb up the Tournament. Only the Last Man Standing will get the tournament rewards.

    Summon: Summon 1 new NFT hero using 2 existing NFT heroes.

    4. Play to Earn

    There are 2 types of Hero in Heroes TD: Basic Hero and NFT Hero. 5 basic heroes are given to the player at the beginning to experience the game. You will use them to fight other players or participate in PvP Arenas to earn CGC. Basic Hero cannot be traded in the Marketplace.

    Hero NFT: Unlike Basic Hero, Hero NFT can be traded in the market. You can earn 1 new Hero NFT by buying from other players or using 2 other existing Hero NFTs. These heroes bring superior strength to players in ranked matches, tournaments, high-level PvP arenas, etc.

    5. HTD and CGC

    HTD and CGC are the main tokens used for all in-game activities and the Marketplace. Players can make use of HTD and CGC to further improve their decks, participate in high-level games, and become the best player.

    Heroes TD is expected to launch IDO at the end of this November. Read more information about this project, please visit:








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