HeroesTD – Join Livestream and Minigame to Get Reward Now!

    The event “LIVESTREAM WITH HeroesTD” and an extremely attractive minigame are open for passionate players to join now!

    When it comes to the most potential NFT games in 2022, we cannot ignore HeroesTD. HeroesTD is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game, where players summon Heroes to attack enemy bases and defend theirs. In HeroesTD, players can join a community to play with each other, create new unique NFTs, and trade with others for real money. This game is expected to achieve the same success as Axie Infinity. According to the roadmap, Heroes TD will officially release Beta Test in the first quarter of 2022.

    In preparation for an explosive launch, HeroesTD organizes many exciting events for players to participate in. Right now, we have the event “LIVESTREAM WITH HeroesTD” and an attractive minigame that all are ready for players to participate in right now!


    If you want to play HeroesTD in this live streaming event, you need to fill the form in the link below with your information, including your Telegram account name and your wallet address.

    Registration time: From 06/01/2022 until all the slots are filled!

    Registration form:

    Remember this shocking news: Lucky players who get the chance to join this live event will win 100 $HTD!


    Join the mini game by making a Win/Loss prediction at:

    After 10 matches, user who and predicts the Win/Loss ratio matches the final result and has the random number that is closest to the number of the day will receive the reward of the day.


    • Before the match, our team will announce the random number of the day.
    • The prediction form will be closed 30 minutes before the livestream event takes place.
    • Prizes will be announced once the livestream ends and awarded within 48 hours.
    • Each user can participate in the prediction only once in a livestream.

    TOTAL REWARDS: 50HTD for the user with the most correct prediction.

    Join HeroesTD’s channels to get latest news:

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