HOT: Dark Land Survival Launches INO, Check It Out Now! - Don’t forget to join INO of Dark Land Survival on April 21 to become the owner of the first in-game NFTs.

    The Dark Land Survival team has recently revealed details of their upcoming INO. Grab your opportunity now to become the owner of the first NFTs in the game. The time has come, Survivors! For detailed information, keep rolling down.

    INO Information

    Date & Time: 12:00 PM UTC – 21 APRIL, 2022

    Quantity & Distribution: Total of 1100 NFT Hero Boxes:

    • Dark Land Survival Whitelist Program: 100 Boxes (70 Mystery, 30 Premium)
    • Babylons Launchpad: 1000 Boxes (700 Mystery, 300 Premium)

    Price: in BIG:

    What’s in the Dark Land Survival NFT Boxes?

    • 1 box contains 1 NFT Hero Card
    • Mystery boxes’ open rate: 79% Common, 20% Rare, 1% Epic.
    • Premium boxes’ open rate: 75% Epic, 25% Legend.

    About Dark Land Survival

    Dark Land Survival is an NFT IDLE Zombie Defense Game powered by blockchain technology. Players are allowed to buy and own unique NFT characters with different skills, then build squads and take them to fierce survival battles. Besides the P2E mechanism, the game also offers a superior game experience through various features and game modes such as Campaign, Dungeon, Raid Mode, Construction Mode, Landlord, and more. All of which makes Dark Land Survival an ideal NFT game that not only focuses on making money but also having fun.

    About Heroes

    Owning NFT Heroes helps players gain many advantages as well as earn more profits in Dark Land Survival. Heroes in the game are divided into 4 main tiers based on rarity. Earning rates will be corresponding to NFT’s tiers, meaning the higher the tier, the more a player can earn with said NFT.

    • Common: 100% earning point
    • Rare: 150% earning point
    • Epic: 500% earning point
    • Legendary: 2000% earning point

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