How Bitcoin Liquidation Map Exposes Today’s Trading Plans of Top Traders?

    The Liquidation Map helps identify highly anticipated price zones and reveal most traders' trading plans, specifically for short-term traders.

    Dive into the captivating analysis of the Liquidation Map, meticulously crafted by BeInCrypto and fueled by data sourced from the industry-leading Decentrader and Coinglass.

    The Price Areas at Risk of High-Volume Liquidation

    Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the Liquidation Map data, courtesy of the esteemed Dencentrader. This innovative tool vividly showcases the price areas where the slightest movement in BTC’s value can trigger a cascade of liquidated leveraged orders. Brace yourself for an eye-opening experience as we delve into the liquidation price zones, ranging from x3 to x10 leverage (aptly named Short and Longing).

    As we survey the map’s panoramic view, it becomes evident that the majority of traders are placing their bets on BTC’s resolute recovery in the event of a price drop. The bet prices span from under $25,000 to under $15,000, painting a vivid tapestry of optimism. However, amidst this optimism lies a crucial revelation – the range of $32,000 to $35,000 emerges as the hotbed of Short order liquidations, albeit with a lower total liquidation volume.

    Zooming in to scrutinize the short-term nuances, we uncover a fascinating trend. The highest concentration of liquidations for Longing x3, x5, and x10 occurs at prices below $23,500, represented by the striking pink histogram on the left. This signifies that a multitude of traders are placing their faith in BTC’s resurgence from the $23,500 threshold or beyond.

    Current Bitcoin liquidation map. Source: degrader

    It is important to note that these insights are merely projections, not definitive future scenarios. As prices fluctuate, so do the positions of Longing and Short. Moreover, when the liquidation phenomenon strikes, it engulfs traders’ funds, exerting a palpable influence on buying pressure and further impacting price movements.

    Prepare to be captivated as we unravel the secrets concealed within the Liquidation Map, where every data point tells a story of anticipation, risk, and potential reward.

    The Short Faction Reigns Supreme over the Long Faction in the Short Term

    Unlock a window into the trading plans of countless traders over the last 7 days by exploring the captivating Bitcoin liquidation map on Binance. As the reigning champion of volume exchanges in the market, Binance wields unparalleled influence, infusing liquidation movements on the exchange with greater significance in predicting their impact.

    Bitcoin liquidation map on Binance. Source: Coinglass

    Within the realm of Binance, the confidence exuded by the Short side reigns supreme, surpassing that of the Longing side. A striking testament to this lies in the fact that Short liquidation volumes can soar to staggering billions of USD if the BTC price surges to $27,300. In stark contrast, Long liquidation volumes hover around $670 million USD when the BTC price plummets to $24,500.

    As of this moment, the BTC price hovers around $25,750, on the precipice of triggering an avalanche of liquidations. A mere 4% rise from current levels, equivalent to $26,700, will unleash a jaw-dropping $700 million worth of Short positions with x100, x50 leverage. Such a substantial and imminent liquidation threshold serves as a poignant indicator of the prevailing bearish sentiment in the short term.

    Drawing from market experience, when the BTC price tightens within a narrower range, a peculiar phenomenon emerges – the scanning of candlesticks on both the Long and Short ends. This phenomenon inflicts losses upon traders, regardless of the side they align with, further accentuating the challenges faced within this dynamic landscape.

    Prepare to be enthralled by the revelations concealed within the Bitcoin liquidation map on Binance, where every data point unravels a tale of triumph, turmoil, and the relentless pursuit of profitable strategies.

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