How to Download and Use Axie Infinity Ronin Wallet?

    This article gives instructions on how to download and use Ronin Wallet which is required for Axie Infinity.

    As one of the most popular play-to-earn games, Axie Infinity requires an active Ronin Wallet connection, which allows users to trade and breed Axies at reduced pricing.

    The Ronin wallet was created for the Axie Infinity game and runs on the Ronin blockchain, which is a sidechain on the Ethereum network. The bulk of Axie Infinity game players utilize it to exchange mythological Axies at lower costs and get an advantage in the game by acquiring more powerful Axis. Let’s look at how to get the Axie Infinity Ronin Wallet for free.

    Step-by-step guides to download Axie Infinity Ronin Wallet

    The Ronin Wallet, like MetaMask, is accessible as a mobile application and a browser plugin. You may utilize it by following the steps below:

    • Install the extension or the Ronin Wallet app.
    • To get started, open the extension and click the “Get Started” button.
    • Fill in the blanks and make a secure password for your wallet.
    • Your seed phrase will be revealed, and users will be required to write it down. Keep this seed phrase somewhere secure and use it if your account has to be reactivated.
    • To finish setting up your Ronin wallet, enter the precise seed phrase and then click proceed.

    Recently, the Ronin wallet was subjected to a large cyber theft, in which hackers were able to take crypto assets valued at $625 million. The Ronin wallet’s security was compromised, resulting in the theft of roughly $625 million in USDT and Ethereum. The Axie Infinity team, on the other hand, is conducting an inquiry and will compensate anyone who have lost assets as a result of the attack.

    Instructions to connect the Ronin Wallet to the Axie Infinity Game

    You’ll probably want to connect your Ronin Wallet to Axie Infinity after it’s all set up. You can do so by following these instructions:

    • To link your Wallet to the game, click the Login Via Ronin Wallet option and then “Confirm.”
    • Choose a username and save it. If you forget your wallet password, enter your email address and password to retrieve your account.

    That’s all; your Ronin Wallet is now connected to Axie Infinity, and you may purchase Axie Infinity or Axie Infinity Land.

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