How to Earn Money in MIR4: Step-by-step Guide

    MIR4 is an NFT game where players can mine cryptocurrencies and sell them on the market for real money.

    MIR4 is an NFT game where players can mine cryptocurrencies and sell them on the market for real money.

    MIR4 NFT Game Overview

    Developed by South Korea-based company WeMade, MIR4 is a very popular mobile MMORPG game. Since it was released into the Korean market last November, this game has attracted a large number of players that make it into the most downloaded list on many app stores in Korea such as Naver’s Onestore or Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

    The global version of MIR4 was launched on August 26 including elements of play-to-earn cryptocurrencies and NFT (non-fungible token) trading. The global version of MIR4 was initially launched in 170 countries and in 12 languages. It comes with an in-game chat translation function for users to communicate with users in other countries. In less than a week since its release, the number of global servers has more than tripled, from 11 global servers to 38. Also, Steam has rated MIR4 23rd on its most-played list with a peak of 22,208 concurrent players as of September 1st.

    On global servers, players have the ability to trade “Darksteel”. These are in-game goods that players can earn by playing the game. Users who collect 100,000 units of Darksteel, which is considered an essential resource in the game, can melt them into one DRACO. Instead of cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask, the game has its own wallet called the WEMIX wallet which is where you can store and trade your tokens. DRACO can then be exchanged into WEMIX Tokens via the Bithumb exchange.

    What is DRACO?

    DRACO is a utility cryptocurrency token of the MIR4 world. It allows you to move, store, trade, and purchase in-game assets outside of the game.

    According to WeMade Co – the creators of MIR4, DRACO is “a coin with a new concept to allow in-game assets to be freely exchanged, stored, sold, and purchased outside of the game. The intrinsic value of the coin is guaranteed through the value of resources derived from the game.”

    Players can “smelt” Darksteel into DRACO at a ratio of 100,000 DS to 1 DRACO, plus a small fee paid in Darksteel. The required amount of Darksteel needed to smelt DRACO will increase daily based on the total number of Darksteel mined in the game.

    The total number of DRACO coins that can be smelted is also limited based on the total issuance capacity. This will allow DRACO to retain its real value and provide economic use in other future games beyond MIR4.

    How to get DRACO in MIR4?

    To earn money in MIR4, we need to obtain DRACO, of course. Here are the steps on how to obtain DRACO – the main source of income for the play-to-earn game MIR4:

    Step 1: Install MIR4 on your device and play. Download MIR4 HERE.

    Step 2: Reach character Level 40

    You will first need to level up to Level 40 before you can start mining Darksteel and enjoy the play-to-earn benefits of the game.

    Step 3: Acquire 100,000+ Darksteel by doing quests and mining

    You can mine Darksteel by entering dungeons in the game and looking for Darksteel minerals. This can be done automatically by clicking the “Auto” button in the lower left. Note that the amount of Darksteel needed to smelt may increase. 

    Step 4: Find the NPC named “Metal Craftman” in-game, or click on “Menu > Market > DRACO”

    Step 5: Log in to your WEMIX Wallet on the window popup

    Step 6: Smelt Darksteel into DRACO (requires a 1,000 Darksteel fee)

    Step 7: Receive notification of the successful transaction via in-game mail

    Once you’ve finished smelting, you will receive an in-game email to notify you of the successful transaction.

    You can also convert DRACO into Darksteel via the Smelting menu. The exchange rate is also 1 DRACO = 100,000 Darksteel.

    How Much Darksteel is Required to Smelt DRACO?

    The game has an algorithm called the DERBY or Daily Exchange Rate By Yeild.

    This is the exchange rate of Darksteel per DRACO, and it is calculated based on the Fixed (100,000 Darksteel) + the Yield (total cumulative Darksteel mined up to the day before the exchange).

    The DERBY is automatically updated and announced each day at 00:00 UTC+8.

    There is also a daily smelting limit of 1,000,000 DRACO coins and a total supply limit of 1,000,000,000 DRACO coins.

    How to Sell DRACO via WEMIX Wallet

    Once you have successfully converted your Darksteel into DRACO, here’s how to trade it on the market:

    • Go to WEMIX wallet
    • Go to the WEMIX DEX (Decentralized Exchange)
    • Put a sell order for DRACO to get WEMIX CREDIT
    • Exchange WEMIX CREDIT with WEMIX Token (1:1 swap ratio plus a small exchange fee)
    • Transfer WEMIX to listed exchanges (Bithumb or BiKi)
    • Trade WEMIX to other cryptocurrency. Currently, the WEMIX token is listed on Bithumb exchange and BiKi exchange. 

    How much can you earn in MIR4?

    Now that you understand how to mine Darksteel, convert it to DRACO and trade it with WEMIX on the market, how much can you actually earn by playing MIR4?

    Well, it’s difficult to estimate for now however, you can check the current prices of the DRACO token and the DERBY value to get an idea of how much you can sell these tokens for.

    Just visit the DRACO price page at At the time of writing, a DRACO coin is trading at around $2,73.

    We will be providing more tips and tricks on how to improve your play-to-earn capabilities on MIR4 in the future, so keep following!

    Click HERE to download MIR4 to your device and earn money.

    Reference: Momsall & Leveldash

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