Kaby Arena Overview – Hot NFT Game of 2021

    Kaby Arena is a turn-based RPG NFT game that offers both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn to provide an open economy for every player.

    Kaby Arena is a turn-based RPG NFT game that offers both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn to provide an open economy for every player.

    What is Kaby Arena?

    Kaby Arena is developed by Ziga Studio, a game studio established since 2014. It is the first blockchain project released by Ziga that is expected to join the list of 8 existing games with over a million active monthly players from Ziga’s player base.

    Kaby Arena is a turn-based RPG NFT game where anyone can play for free. Also, it adopts a Play-to-Earn model that gives players tokens and rewards through dynamic gameplay and participation in PvP tournaments. Rewards come in many forms from loot-boxes, equipment, cosmetics, skills to KABY – their main currency. KABY is a Polygon and Binance Smart Chain token linked to the Kaby gaming ecosystem.

    With a seamless combination of Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn models, Kaby Arena gives players the chance to play and make profits at the same time.

    How to earn on Kaby Arena?

    As mentioned above, Kaby Arena provides both Free-to-Play and Play-for-Earn models to create opportunities for players to earn money. Kaby Arena allows players to collect in-game materials, which can then be minted into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using KABY tokens.

    The nature of this game also has close ties to the crypto world, with the gameplay designed around understanding the crypto market. Those who understand it more deeply will have a higher chance of winning points in the game. 

    In the game, each player has no limit on the number of heroes, equipment, and items they can collect. There are five heroes in the game for you to choose from: Water, Wind, Fire, Darkness, and Light. Like other RPG games, each of them has 4 basic stats: HP, attack, defense, and support.

    Up to now, Kaby Arena has released an open beta version. NFT holders can preview their purchases while other players can play a demo match. Mining NFTs is expected to be allowed in November. By December 2021, player versus player (PvP) waging will be enabled.

    Why should you play Kaby Arena?

    Low entry cost

    Low player base is probably the prominent weakness of most regular NFT games that leads to the high cost for players to start participating in the tournaments. This high cost of introduction results in normal players being unable to participate and only experienced gamers being able to break the cost barrier. Luckily, Kaby Arena solved this problem by minimizing the high entry cost of the game by making the game free to play or introducing anti-scripting measures to disallow bots and remove such accounts.

    Healthy competition

    Besides, Kaby Arena also tries to ensure fairness for players. First, it uses a matchmaking algorithm to ensure players get fair matches against those of the same level that finally creates fair gameplay.

    Next, regular tournaments are held every week, month, quarter, and year with attractive prizes to encourage gamers to stay active. Finally, Kaby Arena allows you to combine powerful heroes to create a new generation with inherited traits to combat overpowered heroes, once again ensuring fair gameplay.

    Various ways to make money

    In addition to linking to online games and allowing players to earn money through gaming, Kaby Arena also lets users lease their assets, thereby generating income. Those who choose to rent NFTs can also own their own NFTs without spending too much. To make the rental process smoother, rentals can be done with or without collateral, benefiting free-to-play players and ensuring easier market entry.

    The KABY token has multiple uses both in the game and outside. In the game, it can be used in exchange for resources or game upgrades. Tokens can also be used to mint NFTs, buy or rent NFT assets, and also staked for interest for passive income.

    There are two types of heroes in Kaby Arena. Non-NFT Heroes are a free bonus from the player-versus-environment (PvE) mode and can be converted to NFT heroes by using KABY tokens. These NFT heroes are ERC-721 tokens and can be traded on the Kaby Arena marketplace or other NFT markets.

    Provide knowledge about the crypto world

    The final plus point of Kaby Arena is that it provides players with knowledge about the crypto world. In this game, Crypto Wars are held to benefit players with an understanding of how crypto works, thus attracting more people into the crypto world.

    Kaby Arena isn’t just about making games, it allows the community to participate through the use of forums to engage users and ensure that everyone has a stake in future game developments. It is also a great strategy to foster player loyalty to the game.

    KABY token

    • Token Name: KabyArena
    • Ticker: KABY
    • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain, Polygon
    • Token Standard: BEP-20, ERC-20
    • Contract: Updating
    • Token Type: Utility
    • Total Supply: KABY
    • Public Sale Price: $0.007
    • Initial Market Cap: $628.366


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