List of Crypto Airdrops in December 2021 (Update on December 31st)

    It’s time for Airdrop’s monthly update! Here is a comprehensive list of all Airdrops going to launch in December 2021.

    Airdrops Launch In December 2021

    Start DateEnd
    ProjectTickerParticipatedNumber of WinnersTotal Airdrop AmountStatus
    Dec 1Dec 15GamesPadGMPD2,266,2202,00012,500 GMPDDone
    Dec 2Dec 16BiswapBSW2,599,872400040,000 BSWDone
    Dec 3Dec 17PlaceWarPLACE3,561,582600600 NFTDone
    Dec 3Dec 22Wolf Safe Poor People (Polygon)WSPP4,091,9455,000110,000,000 WSPPDone
    Dec 4Dec 24SonarPING4,622,4562,0005,000,000 PINGDone
    Dec 5Dec 21LepasaLEPA3,033,492200200 NFTDone
    Dec 6Dec 20Radio CacaRACA2,864,1346,00012,000,000 RACADone
    Dec 7Dec 17Oly SportOLY2,379,0381,000151,379 NFTDone
    Dec 10Dec 27Battle HeroBATH2,199,647225225 NFTDone
    Dec 10Dec 30HeroesTDHTD3,673,9892,00060,000 HTDDone
    Dec 15Dec 20Rainmaker GamesRAIN1,056,9183,000150,000 RAINDone
    Dec 15Dec 21TopGoalGOAL24,6855,0005,000 NFTDone
    Dec 15Dec 24Coin98C983,588,46810,00050,000 C98Done
    Dec 20Jan 3, 2022DogemonGoDOGO1,652,68425,00025,000 NFTOngoing
    Dec 21Jan 11, 2022GamerCoinGHX4,776,1762,500650,000 GHXOngoing
    Dec 21Jan 12, 2022AXL INUAXL4,705,3844,000500,000,000 AXLOngoing
    Dec 21Jan 15, 2022SologenicSOLO21,4091,00010,000 SOLOOngoing
    Dec 22Dec 31MetaGearGEAR1,158,9635,0005,000 NFTDone
    Dec 23Jan 4, 2022Zombie World ZZWZ3,357,0004,000200,000 ZWZOngoing
    Dec 25Jan 9, 2022ZOO Crypto WorldZOO3,998,66310,00085,000 ZOOOngoing

    We’ll keep this list updated, so make sure to bookmark our page and check it every now and then.

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