List of Crypto Airdrops in November 2021 (Update on Nov 29th)

    Our Airdrop calendar gives you a good overview of all Airdrops that are ongoing or upcoming in November.

    Start DateEnd DateProjectTickerParticipatedNumber of WinnersTotal Airdrop AmountStatus
    Nov 1Nov 20Dogs Of ElonDOE1,348,190150150 NFTDone
    Nov 1Nov 20Automata NetworkATA2,597,507100050,000 ATADone
    Nov 5Nov 12Lovelace WorldLACE2,293,41620001,000,000 LACEDone
    Nov 6Nov 21GoldMinerGOLD1,913,115335335 NFTDone
    Nov 7Nov 15Arche NetworkARCHE2,815,20935133,513 NFTDone
    Nov 8Nov 13StarterSTART2,447,42610005,883 STARTDone
    Nov 9Nov 16Dragon KartKART2,615,033200200 NFTDone
    Nov 11Nov 25Radio CacaRACA2,410,925300300 NFTDone
    Nov 14Nov 17PlayermonPYM1,864,651500500 NFTDone
    Nov 14Dec 4Step HeroHERO3,471,28670070,000 HEROOngoing
    Nov 15Dec 4SologenicSOLO3,004,649100040,000 SOLOOngoing
    Nov 17Nov 28KAKA NFT WorldKAKA3,229,045166,667333,334 KAKADone
    Nov 18Dec 8UnboundUNB2,391,0462,0002,000 NFTOngoing
    Nov 19Dec 3WicryptWNT1,733,212100100 NFTOngoing
    Nov 20Dec 8Howl CityHWL2,137,0975,0005,000 NFTOngoing
    Nov 24Dec 8SwashSWASH2,136,6501,000150,000 SWASHOngoing
    Nov 25Dec 8Position ExchangePOSI2,208,4365,00013,000 POSIOngoing
    Nov 26Dec 10HashLand CoinHC1,957,4653,000250 HCOngoing
    Nov 29Dec 19FOTA – Fight Of The AgesFOTA75,7275,0005,000 NFTOngoing

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