Manchester United Accused of Copying NFT Artist’s Work - Manchester United recently launched a NFT collection, which is being accused of copying the work of famous NFT artist DesLucrece.

    The NFT collection ‘The Devils’ launched by Manchester United on Dec 21 on Tezos is being accused of copying the ‘Des Monsters’ collection by DesLucrece because the two artworks look very similar.

    Manchester United first partnered with Tezos Foundation in Feb 2022 and began releasing The Devils later this year. The collection includes 7,777 NFTs, each costing around $36 and has been sold out since its launch.

    Meanwhile, the ‘Des Monsters’ collection consists of 100 unique 1 of 1 hand-drawn 3 frame Monsters and currently has a floor price of 17.5 ETH on OpenSea, equivalent to 20,825 USD.

    Twitter users have pointed out the similarities between these two collections. Nearly identical characters share a color scheme, similar eyes and horns. DesLucrece though didn’t directly accuse Manchester United of plagiarizing his works, he showed an image on Twitter comparing the two artworks so readers could draw their own conclusions.

    DesLucrece said Manchester United had contacted him and the two were in talks to resolve the matter. “I think the resolution here should be beneficial for everyone involved. Dinner with Ronaldo isn’t off the table”, he wrote.

    Manchester United is not the first football club to release NFTs to engage with fans. In Feb 2022, their rival Liverpool FC also launched the NFT collection, then Barcelona. MU’s former player Cristiano Ronaldo has just signed a multi-year NFT deal with Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume.

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