Massive Meme Coins and NFTs Created After Queen Elizabeth’s Death - Dozens of meme coins and NFTs were launched on Ethereum and Binance's BNB Chain after the queen’s death.

    Queen Elizabeth II has passed away, Buckingham Palace announced. While her death has sparked an outpouring of grief from around the world, it is also an opportunity to make money for some crypto participants.

    In the past, there have been many meme coins (or rather, junk coins) and NFT created after a special event. For example, since Tesla CEO Elon Musk praised major altcoin Dogecoin, countless “dog” coins have been launched. Besides Dogecoin, Akita Inu is also a typical example which has had many strong price increases. However, among these dog coins, only DOGE and SHIBA are considered “true” coins after many pumps and dumps.

    Similarly, just hours after Queen Elizabeth passed away, there were a series of related meme coins and NFTs launched and traded on the market. Up to now, more than 40 meme coins have been created, mainly on Ethereum and BNB Chain. Although most of them have no liquidity or transactions, there are still some exceptions like Queen Elizabeth Inu (QUEEN) on BNB Chain, which has over 1,300 transactions and up to $4,000 liquidity.

    Besides tokens, many NFT collections related to the Queen were also launched, such as the “RIP The Queen” collection which has a floor price of 0.001 ETH on OpenSea. Even NFT collections that were released earlier also received a lot of attention. QueenE DAO NFT Collection, which has not received much attention since its launch 2 months ago, has quickly announced the final auction after the news of the Queen’s death. And as a result, its bid price is constantly increasing.

    Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s longest-serving monarch, has died at Balmoral aged 96, after reigning for 70 years.

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