Metadoge – Explore Unique Universe of Digital Dogs and Earn Profits - Metadoge offers an engaging gameplay that perfectly combines both traditional endless runner game and racing game.

    With the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies in general and NFT games in particular, there are more and more quality games being released that offer both appealing experiences and money-making opportunities for participants. Metadoge is one such game with a robust ecosystem, which can guarantee three factors: a high-quality entertainment experience, an attractive business model, and an enthusiastic community. More details about Metadoge are discussed below.


    As mentioned above, Metadoge’s gameplay is a combination of 2 genres: Endless Runner and Virtual Racing. In Endless Runner games, players are required to control their characters (or digital dogs in Metadoge) to run, pick up items, and dodge obstacles on an endless race track. The longer you run, the more items you pick up, the more rewards you get. Rewards here can be EXP, tokens or rare equipment. Your skill is highly appreciated in this genre.

    About Virtual Racing, Metadoge provides 2 modes: PvP and PvE. In PvE mode, players just need to spend 10 Stamina to participate and receive rewards if they win. The results of the virtual racing will be determined by the Random Number Generator (RNG) based on the player’s doge stats, giving you a fair opportunity to be among the top.

    In PvP mode, players have to build their doges and compete with 9 other players to find the winner. Here, players can join for free or buy more tickets to receive more TDU tokens as rewards besides default MTD tokens. Note that each Race has randomized elemental variables, which include length, wind, speed, and more. In addition, players will only have to race against people of similar Rank to keep the balance between old and new players.


    Doge refers to NFT dogs that you control in the game. Players can buy them on the Marketplace or open Mystery Boxes. There are 4 types of Doge: Mars Malinois, Mercury Boxer, Jupiter Beauceron, and Saturn Broholmer, each with its own pros and cons. Also, they are classified based on rarity, from Common, Rare, Mythical, Epic to Legend. Doge with a higher rarity has more unique abilities, amount of stamina and will have a chance to get bonus rewards.

    In Metadoge, you can also temporarily change Doge’s attributes by using items like Doge Food, Doge Toy, Bone Snack, etc. These items can be collected by using game features like PvE, PvP, Daily quests, and the doge house. 

    The life cycle of Doges includes four stages: puppyhood, adolescence, adulthood and senior. Players need to take care of their Doges so that they can grow well and progressively improve stats.

    Play to Earn

    During gameplay, players can sell Doges and items on the Marketplace for a profit. Players can also use $MTD tokens to stake and receive $MTD rewards. $MTD then can be sold to earn real money.


    Metadoge has 2 types of tokens: $MTD and $TDU. $MTD is developed as the governance token of the Metadoge game. Players can earn $MTD by buying directly, staking or participating in PvP and Tournaments. The total supply of $MTD is 1,000,000,000,000. Meanwhile, $TDU is the Metadoge ecosystem’s principal “earning” and “spending” token. $TDU can be earned through playing games (Endless Runner, Virtual Race) and trading on the Marketplace. The total supply of $TDU is unlimited.

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