MetaMask Launches New Features To Enhance Users’ Privacy

    MetaMask has just announced a few essential changes in its latest update, highlighting new features aimed at enhancing privacy and giving users more control.

    Previously, when users using MetaMask connected to blockchain applications, the wallet would link all accounts together without users’ approval. Now, according to the announcement posted on March 14, the MetaMask will begin to separate these accounts by categories and even present them in separate tabs.

    This new development is one of MetaMask’s efforts to enhance user experience and more importantly focus on investors’ privacy and security.

    In addition, MetaMask also noted that users can choose any RPC provider – the service used to connect to the blockchain – instead of using Infura by default, which belongs to the same parent company ConenSys.

    In its post, Metamask added that it has always intended to preserve privacy for users and that it believes these new features align with these values:

    “Data exploitation goes against MetaMask core values. Instead, we believe in equipping our community with the founding principles that guide our development — true ownership and privacy […] We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users so that you will not, and ultimately, cannot be exploited by yet another centralized entity.”

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