MIR4 – How to Turn Darksteel into Real Money

    This post will show how you can convert your in-game Darksteel into crypto with a few simple steps.

    MIR4 is one of the most popular NFT games in recent times, which allows players to earn real money through the play-to-earn feature. So, how to convert in-game Darksteel to cryptocurrency?

    Well, to do that, make sure you have the following:

    • MIR4 account with DRACO
    • WEMIX Wallet app
    • A verified account on a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

    Step-by-step guide is as follows:

    1. Turning Darksteel to DRACO

    Draco is a resource that will be stored on your WEMIX Wallet. So you need to link your game account with your WEMIX ID. Then your game will be able to store Draco.

    If you want to get DRACO in MIR4, you’ll have to smelt Darksteel. It is important to note that you must be level 40 before you can smelt Darksteel into DRACO. In order to smelt Darksteel to DRACO, you need to access Smeltery and have Darksteel equal to the DERBY (Darksteel Exchange Rate). Also, you have to pay 1,000 Darksteel per DRACO as a fee for smelting. However, keep in mind that each of your characters can only convert x100 DRACO per day. So you should prepare some characters if you want to surpass this limit.

    2. Turning DRACO to WEMIX

    Once we have DRACO, the next step we need to do is head over your WEMIX app. WEMIX is currently only available for mobile devices, so you need to install it on your phone or use an emulator if you want to use it on your PC.

    After installing WEMIX, you need to log in to your account. Then click on DEX and it will send you where DRACO can be bought and sold. Enter the amount of DRACO you want to sell and click sell at the bottom of the page.

    After putting it up for sale, you will get a notification that your DRACO has been sold. You should go to Order and hit collect and it will send you your WEMIX Credits.

    After you’ve collected your WEMIX Credits, go to Home and tap WEMIX Credits.

    After pressing WEMIX Credits, press Exchange to WEMIX and you will get your WEMIX.

    3. Turning WEMIX to cryptocurrency

    Once you have WEMIX, you can turn them into cryptocurrencies. First, you need to have a verified account on a cryptocurrency exchange that has WEMIX such as Bithumb, io port, MEXC Global, Liquid, or BiKi.

    Then you just need to open your WEMIX Wallet, tap Listed Exchange, login to the crypto exchange platform you already have a verified account on, copy your WEMIX address on that platform. Next, come back to your WEMIX wallet in the mobile app, tap Send Tokens, paste your WEMIX address, and hit send. Once you are there, you can exchange your WEMIX to a cryptocurrency available there for exchange.

    4. Turning cryptocurrency to real money

    First, you need to have a verified Binance and of course, DRACO. You need to go to your WEMIX mobile app and open your WEMIX wallet, press KLAY Swap and it will turn your WEMIX into KLAY.

    Once you already have your KLAY balance ready, open your Binance account, copy your KLAY address there and go back to your WEMIX mobile app, open your KLAY Wallet, click Send tokens and paste your address there and click next. The address is your own private crypto address that is available on your Binance dashboard.

    Once the amount is already on Binance, you can finally withdraw real money to your bank account. In the main panel, click on withdraw or withdraw, and here you will have to select the method to withdraw the money to your bank account. There are lots of payout methods that you can use to turn cryptocurrency into cash.

    Besides turning it into cash, you can use your hard-earned crypto into another crypto by investing. That depends on your decision.

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