MMORPG World of Genonia Joins C2X Blockchain Ecosystem

    Com2uS Holdings announced on December 8th that their most awaited MMORPG “World of Zenonia“ will participate in the C2X blockchain ecosystem.

    About “World of Zenonia“

    If you’ve been a long-time mobile gamer and have played several classic RPG titles, there’s a good chance you’ve played Com2uS Holdings epic RPG franchise called “Zenonia”. It has been loved by gamers around the world for excellent action, stunning graphics, and a fascinating story about transcending between time and space. The game was first released in 2008 and the last time we’ve heard from this game was in 2017. After 4 long years, Com2uS Holdings is going to revive the franchise with a new entry called “World of Zenonia”.

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    MMORPG World of Zenonia

    Inheriting the sensibility of the original game and applying the high-quality 3D graphics of the cartoon rendering method, the adventure in “World of Zenonia” is promised to bring more vivid experiences. Moreover, from the initial days of its announcement, “World of Zenonia” has received a lot of expectations by participating in C2X blockchain ecosystem. 

    By harmoniously combining the MMORPG genre with a creative P2E system, this new entry is expected to show strong competition in the global P2E market. 

    About Com2uS Holdings

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    Com2uS Holdings

    Com2uS Holdings is well known for revolutionizing the sector with its original and innovative mobile games, backed by unparalleled expertise in advanced mobile technology. The firm is now best known for its mobile turn-based strategy “Summoners War” franchise. 

    About C2X 

    C2X is Com2uS Holdings’ own cryptocurrency in a partnership agreement with Terraform Labs to build a blockchain ecosystem for their games. Going forward, Com2uS Holdings will develop and publish more games with NFT and play-to-earn features. 

    Besides the upcoming “World of Zenonia”, “Summoners War: Chronicles”, “Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid”, and many other Com2uS games, had also been enabled with blockchain features.

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